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  1. Frenchie & Carla, Thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. She is not struggling with the diet. She is doing very well and extremely comitted. We just want to make sure we are doing all the right things. Like I said it seems like we educated the Gastro (I.E. salad dressings, no licorice). We are not use to this. You all are a blessing and should probably have MD Degrees LOL. Thanks Thanks Linds
  2. Hello All, I Have been reading this board the last month. This is my first Post,I hope I do it right. As my name states I am the husband of a celiac. My darling wife was diagnosed about 2 months ago. Here is how it went down. She had surgery a year ago and prior was told her blood count was very low. After test is was determined that she was anemic. She has had GERD for about 10 years and has an awesome Gastro doctor. At her yearly examine she talked with the Gastro about her anemia. The Gastro did a colonoscopy looking for blood loss (turned out ok). She then did an endoscopy looking for a bleeding ulcer(no ulcer). During the endoscopy she tested for Celiac's. Came back positive. We are very greatful it was discovered. My wife has been gluten free and I have noticed as well as her a better quality of life(not as tired, better G.I. not as stressed, no more tingling,neuro problems). Here is my question. My wife and I have learned alot about Celiac's from this and other boards. At her follow up appointment it seems like we educated the Gastro doctor more than we got answers. We still have many questions(you all have been very helpful with what we have read on this board) but should we seek the advice of a dietician to help guide us with the diease management? We love the Gastro but are looking for someone who knows Celiacs inside and out. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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