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  1. Wow Jillian - your post is exactly the way I feel..... pretty much word for word. So my answer would be.... yeah - what Jillian said.
  2. I looked on drugstore.com and find a Jason Powersmile - looks like cinnamon flavor. Is that the correct one? It says it won the "flavor award" a few years in a row. If this is the one, I'm going to get some. I'm tired of Biotene's flavor and would love a change. Kandi - this may be a great tasting toothpaste for your son too! Lori
  3. Thanks Patti! Where do you buy Jason Supersmile Toothpaste? I've never heard of it. Lori
  4. Hi Kandi, I have suffered with canker sores my entire life - some lasting up to two weeks and me not able to talk, smile, eat or drink anything so I know the agony that your son must be feeling. I have learned a few things about canker sores and I'd love to share what I have found out from trial and error. - make sure your son is not using a toothpaste that contains sodium laurel sulfate (I'll have to look that up to make sure I have the words and spelling correct) There are only a few toothpastes on the market that do not contain this ingredient. I have to use Biotene and I can find it at my regular grocery store - Publix - but I imagine most stores will carry it. There are a couple of other toothpastes available that are sodium laurel sulfate free. I would need to do a google search. - as soon as your son starts to feel the very beginning of a canker sore, you can start giving him Lysine - which is a supplement. It should stop the canker sore from fully developing or, if it has already started, it will go away very quickly - canker sores can be caused from mouth trauma as well as foods. Something as simple as accidentally poking the inside of his mouth with his toothbrush can get one started, especially if he is now prone to them. Also, biting the inside of his mouth while chewing. Strong acidic foods and/or too much Vitamin C are also culprits. I hope this helps him out in some way. Oh - and once he has the beginning of a canker sore, no acidic foods at all until it is healed. Lori
  5. Oh thanks Andrea! I'm relieved to know that. You'll probably see me posting my results one day and asking everyone what they think. Lori
  6. Hi Gary, Thanks so much for posting your results. I really want to do the Enterolab full panel test - just waiting to be able to afford it - so this is great knowing what you get for your money. BUT, you didn't receive anything else with your results that would explain to you what all that means? I'd hate to think that spending almost $400 gives you a bunch of numbers with no explanation. I'd be lost if I just received that back from them. What in the world does it really tell you? Maybe I'm missing something here?
  7. I always get Publix Spiral ham. It's listed as gluten-free on some lists and I can attest to the fact that it does not make me sick. BUT, I usually just have the ham by itself. Combining too many different food items when I'm eating something like ham (that I am not used to eating) wreaks havoc on my system. I have some ham and a little mashed potatoes - or some ham and a little bit of a vegetable.
  8. oooooooo - I had the WORST reaction the one and only time I had Amy's Shepherd's Pie. What in the world is in that thing that causes such a reaction for so many of us? I would never eat that again!!
  9. I always have some Amy's Mac 'n Cheese on hand in the freezer for those times when I get too hungry and need to eat something fast. I have noticed that I don't always feel great after eating one though. It's hit and miss. I thought it was made in a gluten-free facility! Now I know why I feel yucky sometimes after eating one. I don't think I want to risk it anymore.
  10. I swear by Culturelle. I take one every single morning before my breakfast. But if I ever feel yucky in my stomach for whatever reason, I immediately take one or two. I have never had it fail me. My husband and children will take it also if they ate something that is not gonna stay down. It brings them relief every time.
  11. Hi Kathleen, I have always had a very hard time taking vitamins. They all make me sick to my stomach - I think it was the B but what's a multi without the B vitamins? After much research, I decided to try Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin. It says right on the front label "gentle on the stomach" and it is!! It is gluten free and I only need to take one so I really like that part. I take it with my lunch which is the only meal that can be called a meal for me every day. The vitamin also contains the digestive enzymes protease, amylase, lipase and cellulase which I think helps my lunch digest and that's good too. You can get them online from Lame Advertisement.com for about $12.00 (?) for a 90 day supply. Very good price for a quality multi-vitamin. And I can tell that I am taking a vitamin!! That's a first for me. Good Luck and let us know what you do finally decide on and how it works for you. Lori
  12. OH YIPPEEEE!!! Thanks so much! I'm going to have one right now in celebration! It's the simple things that make me sooo happy. Lori
  13. What about the Reese's mini peanut butter cups? Anyone know about them being gluten-free? I actually splurged and bought a whole bag of these just the other day. I'm trying to find some sweet thing that I can eat when I'm hungry but don't want to eat. I was eating one or two Werther's chewy caramels a day until I caught sight of the word "WHEAT" on the back of the package as I was thowing it away. To think that I had been eating gluten daily for the last two years has me soooooo upset. No wonder I still looked like hell and felt horrible for at least an hour or two every single day. So, should I just throw the mini peanut butter cups away? And if I should, what tasty little candy can I eat? I need a little something to look forward to every day that I know I can eat that will taste yummy.
  14. Oh YES Cassidy - I know exactly what you are talking about!! I do not like food at all!!! It is something I must do to stay alive and function, but I am always aware that I could be sick from whatever I put in my mouth. (gluten-free stuff does it to me out of nowhere sometimes) Just recently, I was one of the lucky ones to get e.coli from the tainted spinach. I had horrible D for about five or six days. It was not public information yet that spinach was causing a problem. I think I'm glad that I didn't know because maybe then I would have felt sicker than I did (powerful mind/body connection). I will never eat spinach again. Ever. I knew it was the spinach because during the time I was sick, the very idea of spinach gave me the shivers. And so it goes with so many foods. Kind of like if you've ever been sick after drinking a particular alcoholic beverage. How many people do you know that will never, ever drink tequila or what-have-you ever again? (mine is tequila although I don't drink anything anymore because my system is so whimpy) Anyway, back to the whole hating food and hating to eat thing. My girlfriend is a nurse and was recently telling me about all the kids she takes care of that have food tubes. A tube goes straight into their tummies from the outside and to eat, food is just syringed into their stomachs through the tube. She said it sounds like something like that would be the solution to much of my problems. HEAVEN!! Can you imagine? And if the food doesn't settle right, I believe she said that they can just take whatever liquid food they just put in, right back out. JOY!!! After she told me about this, I actually daydreamed about it for days - with a smile and whispering a big "ahhhhhh - if only" . I am a fairly new poster, but one day soon I'd like to tell my story - of how I was always sick growing up and how I came to realize gluten was making me sick. But I had to tell you that you are not alone. Pellets would scare me too - a little. If I had to only eat one or two pellets....o.k. But if I had to eat a couple handfuls....well, then - that's too much like eating food. I cannot stand the feeling of food in my stomach. Feeling full to me means feeling sick. Lori
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm new here - at least in posting - but I've been lurking and reading for quite a while. I've been gluten-free for a little over three years. I absolutely love Werther's Caramels and tonight, as I was throwing away the empty bag (hadn't eaten any - just emptied them out into the candy dish on my desk) my eyes happened to catch the word WHEAT on the back!!! ACK!! It says it contains wheat?? OMG! I've been eating at least one almost daily for the past two years. I thought these were gluten free! I had read online in a couple of different places that they were gluten free - and didn't check the ingredients again after the new labeling went into effect. Anyone else eat Werther's Caramels, thinking they were gluten free? I'm so sad and angry. I'm very careful about avoiding gluten at all costs and now I see I've been poisoning myself all this time!! I still do have tummy problems on a pretty regular basis but not so bad that I was searching out a possible gluten exposure somewhere. argh!!!
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