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  1. apoppy thank you so much for posting this. That is so wonderful that you have made the connection, to HS & gluten. I do not have HS, but I do see the connection as a friend of mine has it, but also has gluten intolerance & is on a gluten-free diet. I forgot to check how long you have...
  2. GrammaMae, I posted on the other forum on the HS thread & was reading it. Would you consider getting the gene test thru Enterolab? Some of us are very curious if we can link this HS to one of the "celiac" genes. We are looking at the DQ1 - 0501. Which has very recently been found to be...
  3. HS is a very serious illness & can kill you. I would not be eating any gluten to test positive for a test. One bad boil in the wrong place... Please do not be eating gluten... I have a friend that has this & he has no problems as long as he is gluten-free. I think it is also connected...
  4. I double that - if you quit eating all the offending foods you should notice a huge difference. Your IBS & MS should be gone soon... Just eat whole foods for a bit... The internal damage will take a while but you should see a steady incline in energy & a lessening in any pain or depression...