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  1. im the only one gluten-free in my family so yeah its hard for my aunt because she sometimes has to cook 2 diff meals one gluten-free and one for my uncle because hes not gluten-free either ive been gluten-free since i was 16 and im still finding it hard to go out for dinner but its getting eazier since more places are going gluten-free not alot but some are

  2. my family used to be like that but now they just got better the last few years but they still go out of their way to make what i can have because to them they think that i should have whatever they have but guess what im not getting sick for anyone wxp my family, ive been doing good without cheating i have a blood test on my celiac disease to go for before i go to my stomach doctor for my yearly checkup (so i need to be good otherwise they will see that ive been going off my diet ) hehe

  3. oh heres one for you last week i went for my endoscopy for a plopy removel and ive been having burning in my upper stomach everytime i eat, by then i had it for a week i kept on calling the doctor 2 time the week before, so anyway i told her about the pain in my upper stomach everytime i eat she goes "well there wasnt no inflamtion or anything keep taking your prevacid 2x a day and take tums and call us in 2 or 3 weeks if it still there" i felt like saying hello of course its gonig to be there you idito because ive been doing that for the last week and it still hurting grrrrrrrrrrrr doctors suck sometimes i tell you

  4. i understand my one aunt never has anything for me when i go there the aunt i live with always has to bring me something, i mean hello theres a martins that has gluten-free things there someone can just go and pick up something gluten-free that i can have, yeah and if we go somewhere that doesnt do gluten-free food i end up sitting there looking at whatever they have and "say boy that looks good" or i wish i could have that" LOL

  5. i live with my aunt and uncle who arnt gluten-free and they make sure not to put anything on my food my aunt does the cooking and she always says how hard it is to cook for me because i can only have certin foods, and yes living with someone who isnt gluten-free and you are is very hard, because i see my aunt eatting something good and i would have to tell myslef that i cant eat it because if i do i would suffer for it and its not worth getting sick over

  6. well i had turkey without the stuffing in it which is the top of the turkey, but the basing of it i think they use the water from it but im not sure, as far as anything eles goes they dont go out of there way to do what i can have so i just end up with the turky with nothing eles, its like that with my whole family. And they wonder why i dont like to go to family gatherings because they dont do dittle swat for me and my needs, i end up looking at whatever they have after dinner and wishing i could have it, and if i do i pay for it the rest of the night, i had celiac disease since i was 16 years old and yes it does get eazyer but only to a point, its one thing to know you cant have it and its another to see it, you either skip it or if you eat it you end up feeling like crap after you eat it,

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