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  1. Hi there, I'm new here and have a lot of questions. Some history...I've had Sjogren's syndrome for 27 yrs now and counting....tons of other chronic illnesses on top of it. All have been managed okay for the most part until I hit menopause a few years ago. I've been tested for celiac both with blood tests and biopsy. All negative. Did the entrolab too. I read the article in the newsletter about the person who tested negative for everything but went gluten free and felt better. My main question has to do with chills. Even tho I've on HRT, I get awful chills in the a.m. and afternoons. The afternoon chills have occured since my late 20's (Sjogren's diagnosis). I can't understand why I'm getting them worse even tho I'm on HRT....the gynecologist says they're due to menopause. The other question has to do with what to eat if I am to go gluten free. I've read everything there is and most of just can eliminate gluten in all shapes and forms. I am lactose intolerant, can't eat eggs, can't have acidic foods and beverages, etc. I do eat gluten free cereal and fruit with soy milk in the a.m. Do eat salads (no dressing) and some sort of protein in the afternoon and something similar in the evening. I need to lose weight but haven't lost an inch. Ideas on all please. Thanx a million!
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