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  1. I am relieved to hear that there is some hope out there. I have been having so many issues that my life is just so crazy! I have a pretty stressful job and have been dealing with anxiety on top of all this. I was NOT able to drive my car for over a 2 years. My husband would drive me everywhere. Being diagnosed with something was a relief that this was not all in my head! It was real! and stopping gluten made such a difference. I wish the best for you. Sounds like we are all finding the right path!!!!!! Jolanta
  2. That's exactly how I feel. But, there is always that little voice saying maybe it's something else. But, as you said, the diet is proof itself. My blood pressure has not been so low in over 5 years. I've been battling chronic diarrhea and unexplained anemia even longer. The docs always said the anemia was since I was a woman and had my periods. Hmmm... I will be seeing the Endo in December and will see if the thyroid has gone back to normal. Seems that I have many antibodies... Graves or Hashimoto. Doctor said Graves most likely. We will see... Has anyone heard of Celiacs having Graves??? Jolanta
  3. I have been dealing with symptoms that include chronic diarrhea that is the absolutely worst! I have been dealing with anemia and a slew of other issues! Well, my primary decided to test my thyroid and looks like I am hyper. I have gone to the Endocrinologist and have been diagnosed with Graves Disease. After stopping gluten now for almost 1- 1/2 months, I feel wonderful! My thyroid is actually repairing itself. Also, my blood pressure has gone from a constant 160/90 to 110/80! The primary even stated that I will probably be taken off meds for blood pressure and I probably do not have Graves disease!!!! My primary told me that I definitely have celiac. I was tested for celiac, but since I have been gluten free for this period, all tests came back negative. She does not think I need any additional tests. She said this is proof enough! I did see a Gastro and he thinks I should be tested anyway - endoscopy and colonoscopy. I feel that these are just very nice expensive tests for the doctor to get reimbursed, and that I should probably just follow my primary doctors recommendations. What do you think? Should I have the tests? Or does this prove that I have celiac? Jolanta
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