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  1. Hi, I would like to delete my account and remove the content I posted for privacy reasons.It is nothing against this site,it is a great site and I enjoy reading through the forums.I need to remove them for concern of privacy.How can I go about doing this?I saw somewhere we are supposed to email the admin (SCOTT)but I do not know where to get his email.Can someone direct me? Thank you
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. After reading this forum I see I am not alone in a huge weight gain After going gluten free allot of people loose weight but I gained.It is truly depressing.I suspect that when people go gluten free our bodies are so depleted of minerals due to leaky gut issues,underlying candida and even other underlying hormone imbalances like low thyroid and PCOS which research has shown is directly linked with gluten intolerance.When we first go gluten free we are so starving that counting carb grams and weighing out portions of food is the farthest thing from our minds.I read in the book BLOOD SUGAR BLUES that they use rice,corn,potatoes to fatten pigs,well no wonder why it seems to have the same affect on humans since pigs are very closely related to humans genetically.Anyway thats my take on it.I think allot of us over eat rice and grains,I know that I do and I have had major weight gain and issues with candida,environmental allergies,Ibs,low thyroid,pcos etc.I am now at the obesity level it is depressing to be weak and sick and then be gaining weight.I still have allot of mineral deficiences due to malapsorbtion and Chronic diarrhea.I aslo have CFIDS Chronic fatigue.I think that allot of us emphasize rice and potatoes which are extremely high glycemic and increase insulin leves.Grains are addicting and comforting,I love curling up to a bowl of rice pasta or rice toast or baked potatoes etc.But these foods are stored as fat.I have noticed allot of people from european decent especially do bad on excess carbs,portion control is boring and it sucks but its amazing how small a serving of rice is!and rice isnt filling unless u eat a plate of it,and a plate of rice is like 5 portions! I think we need to learn to portion control and balance our meals so that they have a balanced ratio of protein fat and carbs.This is my thinking after the research I did.I tried the SCD diet very strictly it made me sick at the time because I was trying to eat the dairy,eggs,cheese and nuts and I am allergic to those,I had just come off a long term vegetarian diet and wasn't ready to add all the meat.But I know it helps many,just didn't for me it was miserable I followed it for 2 months.Now I am trying to transition into a candida style diet but it is so hard because I am pyschologically and physically addicted to carbs and go through major depression and with drawl,so I need to reduce them rather then cut them entirely for a period of time but its very difficult.I feel like I am so restricted already with intolerances to so many foods.And I am weak and pale
  4. ******Update******* woooohoooo I just got off the phone with the dairy stocker at my local whole foods and they said it was available I am in GA!He is going to order me some and keep it their on a regular basis! The only bummer is he couldn't stock all 4 flavors,so I just chose the vanilla.I will let everyone know what it is like when I try it! I LUV WHOLE FOODS!
  5. wow thanks so much! that looks great! hopefully I can track it down.The one I was speaking of was a completely different brand I used to get it a few years ago but never found it again.My guess is they stopped making it.I think it was by a company called soyco.Anyway I want to get some of that Ricera yogurt! It is so hard finding dairy replacements when you can't have dairy! thanks a ton!
  6. I have been looking for the rice yogurt everywhere,it was soy free and came in white containers.Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about?I want to locate some if it is still available.
  7. Hi everyone I was wondering what the laws were regarding food labeling products gluten free,I have been using the Nana's no gluten cookies but see where it says made in a facility that manufacters products containg wheat,peanuts and tree nuts.How then can the product be gluten free?You can view the companies website here--->http://healthycrowd.com/ It is very important I find out what I am consuming that is causing me to break out in sores and hives and feel terrible..shopping for allergen foods is so frustrating because of the cross contamination issue!
  8. Hi everyone, I am new here,I am gluten intolerant,and started avoiding gluten in foods because I couldn't digest it.and it would make me bloated,cranky,tired,irritated,cause stomach pains,explosive diarrhea,and etc.I went to the doctor and he told me to avoid gluten because I was mildy sensitive on tests.However I do not know if I am a full Celiac or not,I remember throwing up every time I ate pancakes as a kid,suffered from chronic ear infections and etc.I am also allergic to dairy,and other foods.I don't have a true allergy they are severe food intolerances.I started gluten-free 8 years ago.I have never had a traditional celiac test but I know how my body acts if I eat wheat,and its not pleasant. Anyway I have since developed a host of other health problems Irritable bowel syndrome,insulin resistance and hypoglycemia,chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivities to name a few.My problem is my grocery bill with organic and gluten free foods is TERRIBLY high and much more then I can afford.Has anyone else had this problem???and if so how did you cut back on costs????How much does everyone spend currently on their groceries??? I NEED to spend less at the store,I shop at whole food simply because they have everything in one spot but ITS WAY TO EXPENSIVE..every time I go I spend over 200 for a week.And that does not include gluten free organic shampoo soaps,detergents etc.???HELP!!Yes I have to avoid gluten in my shampoos or my scalp breaks out and I get hives and painful rashes.
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