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  1. Hi Mandy, I have to go for an endoscopy and colonastomy in 10 days and was told to go back to eating gluten for the endoscopy test. The gasto..... dr said I only had to eat gluten for 2 weeks but have been for almost a month and I'm going crazy with the symptems--bloating constipation then diarhea.. sore stomach, gas etc etc. I can't wait to get back on the gluten free diet even if my tests show nothing as I've been gluten free since last Sept. and I had few symptoms at all. Why am I doing this to myself??? Have no idea why-just the satisfaction of saying I went for the test I guess. If they have to do one end they mite as well do the other LOL. Take care and good luck. Beth.
  2. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful one!

  3. There are posts where people have mentioned that their skin isn't as red. I have very sensitive skin and have had acne since I was about 15(40 yrs +)-more scarring and big pores now with the occasional zit but much better since going gluten free. My skin is always red-any season. Is this an allergy or a type of exema(sp?) It hasn't inproved in that dept much. Also the reflux has improved greatly. I still have a phlem in my throat and am always clearing it. Since it didn't improve much after going gluten free I'm presuming it's an alergy to something. I tend to get it more after eating yogurt, salad dressings and some sweets, even milk the rare time I drink it-would this be a reaction to lactose. When I was born my mother had to make soy milk for me to drink. Thanks and have a great eve Beth
  4. I'm here too-from north of Toronto in the Sudbury area. Beth
  5. Does coffee give anyone a feeling of bloating? I feel just yucky lately. Tired, bloaty, muscle pain etc etc. I have an occasional coffee other than that I can't figure out why I feel this way. Are the Halls cough drops(in Canada) safe to use? I've been eating plain yogurt(Bio Best by Astro) lately and have been putting walnuts or coconut or apricots or choc chips in it. Is that all ok to eat. Thanks. Beth
  6. Is vaseline gluten free? I'm getting chapped lips and have a red line around ny mouth and I have been putting vaseline on it but it doesn't really seem to be getting better. What lip sticks in Canada ore gluten fr ee? Is Clinique foundation makeup gluten free. I have very sensitive skin and it's red all the time-is this to do with celiac d. or something in my diet. I use neutragena soap free cleanser for sensitive skin on my face but it doesn't seem to help a lot. Are neutragena products gluten free? I use the body oil and shampoo. I'm 55 and have had bad skin for 40 years of that 55. It's only been the last couple of years that I haven't been so self conscious(sp) of my skin. Thank the Lord my 2 guys don't have bad skin. Thanks for any help. Beth.
  7. I know mine was triggered bu a lot of stress and the dr just said it was depression or all in my mind and would put me on pills which I didn't take for very long as they made me feel worse. I can't believe how much better I feel after going gluten-free . Wish I'd know this years ago-life certainly would have been much different for me I'm sure. Beth.
  8. Well I had a message on my AM from the dr that's going to do the endoscopy and a colonastomy. It's been 2 months since I was told by my dr that she would make an appointment with a specialist. I have called my dr and the specialist several times to find out when I could get an appt. and never heard back til now. I've been gluten-free for about 6 weeks now. I'm not going back to eating gluten!!! I was unable to get back to the dr as they were gone for the day and won't be able to call till monday now. Probably won't get in til the end of the month or even the new year and want to go while I'm off for the holidays instead of having to miss work again. Will anything abnormal show after 2-3 months of being gluten-free. Should I perhaps not have the endoscopy? I know you're supposed to be on gluten to have the test but I'm definately not going back on gluten as I feel so good now. Have a great day. Beth
  9. I too feel so much better mentally and physically since going gluten-free about 6 weeks or so ago. I had a spell where I was very emotional but I think that was caused by stress at work and I just had to tell myself to slow down and speak up instead of keeping it inside and letting it explode. I'm sleeping a little better and have more energy and don't let things bother me like they used to. I think I have a bit more nself esteem now also. I speak up for myself now. Beth.
  10. I read somewhere that even tea bags might have gluten(thru the glue they use to seal them) Does anyone know if the herbal tetley teas esp camomile and green tea have gluten in them. It doesn't say on the box and I have been drinking it and feeling bloaty after drinking it sometimes.Thanks Beth.
  11. I've been gluten free for about a month and it is hard emotionally and physicaly. I find at 55 to make this change to a whole new way of eating, cooking etc is quite tramatic to the system. I'm not a big sweet or bread eater so that helps a bit. It's just the hidden gluten that I'm having trouble with. Going shopping is more of a chore as I have to read labels more and I had to buy new pots, utensils etc. It's to get the rest of the family to realize that if you use wheat anything to clean up after and to not use my utensils and use a separate knife or spoon to get the marg,peanut butter etc out of the container. It's also hard to get friends and coworkers to understand what is going on with your system and to try and bear with you as you heal. It's a long healing process and I'm sure we'll all survive. I have located a support group in my area but they aren't meeting again til the new year. Hopefully being with people with the same disease and learning from them will help a lot. Take care. Beth. I was diagnosed around 1 1/2 months ago. I'm not even sure where to begin really. I've just been so depressed.
  12. Gosh you know now that you mentioned it..... I had period problems and figured I was going thru menopause. Then all of a sudden for my 50th b'day I got a nice present...no more periods. They just stopped all of a sudden and I only had maybe one really bad one a year up until this year when I didn't get one. Geez I hope I"m not going to start again!!! I'll be 56 in February. I do find tho since going gluten free about a month ago that I get bloaty and crampy and very sensitive to things... I just presumed it was the process of going gluten free. PLEASE tell me that's what it is. Oh to have a period after 6 yrs yeesh. I did have a blood test 6 yrs ago that said I was over 2/3 of the way thru menopause but I never had many hot flashes or things that most woman had. In fact I'm always cold and would probably welcome a hot flash once in awhile esp in the winter LOL Beth.
  13. Does the lipton's cream of chicken cup of soup not have wheat flour in it? I know the mushroom does. Beth. [ I would throw lipton's cream of chicken cup of soup in the crockpot and let it cook all night, in the morning boil up tinkyada pasta you can also throw in carrots and celery.
  14. Here is what they sent me. At McCormick Canada, ingredients are declared on the ingredient statement of each product label. On products such as pure herbs and spices, which don't contain allergenic ingredients, you will not find and ingredient statement. The only ingred present is the pure spice or herb to which nothing else has been added. Unfortunately a list of gluten free products is not available. In regards to gluten we do have wheat ingred in our facility. Please be assured we follow good manufacturing practices in our facilities and make all efforts to reduce the oppurtunity of cross contamination. The complete range of McCormick's gourmet spices and herbs(in the glass bottle with green lables) are gluten free. This range of products is also filled is also filled on a line where no other gluten containing products are processed. This was from Linda |Grover consumer srevices McCOrmick Canada. Hope this helps. Beth. Hmm. When I called they made no such distinction as glass bottles with the green labels are gluten free. Club House has orange lids and labels, and McCormick is green. Both McCormicks and Club House (owned by McC) said they will clearly label gluten. I guess I'll have to call Club House and double check the Italian seasoning just to make sure. It's still sealed, but is a plastic container, orange lid and no suspicious ingredients.
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