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  1. Heya!! my names Sarah and i wrote the questionnaire for my school project i just want to say thank you so much for everyone that filled in my questionnaire it has helped me so much! my dad has this condition and i know how fustrating it can sometimes be for him! i wanted at least 20 but with this forum and one other i now have about 50-60 so i just want to say thank you! Yours, Sarah
  2. i go hinchingbrooke school in huntingdon. For my school project studying coeliac disease. my dad has it so i think this project would benefit him to. i was wondering if you have a minute please could you fill in this short questionnaire as part of the project. 1. How long have you known you’ve had Coeliac Disease and what is your age (age-optional)? 2. Is it hard to cope with this condition? Yes No 3. Do you understand what is wrong and what it’s doing to your body? Yes No If yes could you briefly tell me what happens to your body if you eat something containing gluten? 4. Do you find it hard to find foods that you like? Yes No 5. Does anyone else in your family have this condition? Yes No If yes how many other people? 6. How did you find out that you had it? Doctor Hospital Other Please State 7. When you go out to dinner do you find it hard to find food that you can eat? Yes No 8. Do you find there isn’t enough of a variety of foods that you can eat? Yes No 9. How do you find the price of foods? Expensive Reasonable Same as everything else Cheap 10. Which Super markets do you find are best for gluten free foods? Tescos Somerfield Sainsbury’s Waitrose Iceland Asda Other Please State: 11. Knowing that you have Coeliac disease does it make you feel any different to anyone else? Yes No Sometimes Thank you so much to anyone that fills this in!!
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