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  1. Did well yesterday sticking to my food plan, 1 day down and the rest of my life to go...OMG, I better not say that it is too overwhelming to think about...tomorrow I go grocery shopping and Robert and I have vowed no ice cream or goodies...for some reason he doesn't miss that stuff, just me...but he will eat it if I buy it. Pre Celiac I went to Jenny Craig a few times and her program was really successful for me...lost and kept it off and loved the food...I sure wish I could do that now, but they want nothing to do with me since I have Celiac disease. Hope everyone is having a good day, we are finally warming up here and it is a nice day to take a walk. Sissy
  2. I've been following your posts and the stories all sound so familiar to me that I would like to join in...I was dx last October with Celiac and went into total shock and depression. I thought how am I ever going to give up eating everything that I love and have eaten all my life??? I had a major pity party for months...managed to go gluten free, but made up for what I left out by eating as much of everything else that I wanted and the results are showing and it is not pretty...so there is good and bad ...the good is that I am not sick and I no longer find it necessary to immediately know the location of every bathroom the minute I arrive somewhere and of course the bad news is that I am feeling a little like Petunia Pig. I have a great incentive to adjust my eating habits, we have a 31 day cruise booked next April from Sydney to Los Angeles and I want to board that ship feeling slim, healthy and well, not to mention that I don't want to have to buy all new clothes..we have been traveling for the past 4 years since my husband retired and I have lots of clothes that I save just for cruising. I know exercise is key and with the support of my wonderful DH we are starting a walking regime...he is a lifelong runner and he will first walk my miles with me and then take off running, I know he is only walking for me because he gets all his much loved??? exercise when he runs. I have to add that I really hate exercising. The house is being purged of all temptations, I am just going to have to do this cold turkey..no more ice cream and no more I feel sorry for myself gluten free cookies..I am not one who can just eat one. I have not tried losing weight since my dx, but know from this thread that I have a challenge in front of me...I am just happy to have others to chat with about it daily. Sissy
  3. We have always requested anytime dining because we just hate to have to be somewhere at a certain time each day when we are on vacation. I had no idea how they could provide a gluten free diet for me...thanks for the info...I will hope that letter is in my mailbox. I am not a real fan of the buffet except for breakfast...and I will be able to eat yougurt, fruit, bacon so that should not be a problem. I have stressed about this whole gluten free thing but feel a little better knowing that you had a good experience...a friend of mine has a sister that has cruised Princess before and she said that her sister hated to get off the ship at the end of the cruise because she never had to worry about being gluttoned...I hope that I have that much confidence in the food while I am cruising. I don't know if you read my previous post...we have a 31 day cruise planned for 4/08 and wanted to use this cruise as a gluten-free experiment...I think I will not only fax the gluten free menu request to them at Princess before the cruise but I will also send a letter to the head chef and Maitre'D on the Sapphire Princess with my food restrictions...31 days is a very long time to be on a ship if the food is not gluten-free! Sissy
  4. There are 4 of us going to the movies...not sure what we will wind up seeing..there are so many good new ones coming out on Christmas...I would love to see either the Will Smith movie or Dreamgirls..but my neice wants to see Blood Diamond or something else, I can't remember which one it is...but they all sound good. Maybe I will give up on the popcorn and eat a candy bar instead...Sissy
  5. Dlp252, I am so happy to hear that your cruise went well...we leave in about 6 weeks for 7 days on the Grand Princess...this will be our first cruise since my dx...it is reassuring to hear that they were on top of things...I have already faxed Princess with a gluten free menu request and your post just takes some of my pre cruise food stress away...I am already worrying about one of our excursions that has lunch included...visions of glutenized food are dancing in my mind as I type I will have to get a few goodies to take with me .....Sissy
  6. We are going to the movies Christmas Day, first time since I was dx and I would love to be able to sit and munch popcorn along with everyone else....does anyone know if movie popcorn is safe...how about buttered? Sissy
  7. Brenda honey, thank you so much, I agree there is just no substitute for that flavor and will look for Athena Blue Cheese the next time I go to the market. Sissy
  8. Brenda honey, thank you so much, I agree there is just no substitute for that flavor and will look for Athena Blue Cheese the next time I go to the market. Sissy
  9. For Thanksgiving I made a killer pumpkin cheesecake. For the crust I used Pamelas gingersnaps, a little granulated sugar and butter...just put them all in the food processor and in a minute they were perfect for the crust. You could use any kind of gluten free cookies and any gluten free cheesecake recipe you want. I really don't have a recipe for the salad but I will tell you what I use. I will use 2 bags of mixed spring greens, 4 apples...2 mcIntosh and 2 gala, which I chop ..that way I get tart and sweet...I toast about 2 cup of walnuts in a skillet, shaking and stirring continually so they don't burn. The dressing I use is a regular dressing that just happens to be gluten free..it is Girards Raspberry Vinagrette. I mix the greens and chopped apples and top it with walnuts, and about 1/2 cup of blue cheese crumbles and add the dressing last...sometimes I throw a few raspberries on top to make it even prettier..I just love this salad and it has enough flavor to be a great starter for a prime rib dinner. I will make the salad plates for everyone and will use goats cheese for my salad. Sissy
  10. I had read that blue cheese contained wheat in the starter and is listed as an ingredient on the label of every blue cheese I have seen, so I thought I would make up the salad plates in advance to serving them...I will sprinkle blue cheese on everyone elses salad and will probably use a little goat cheese on mine. I will surely miss the flavor of the blue cheese on this salad but don't know what else to do. I don't want everyone else to miss out on the yummy combination of apples, walnuts and blue cheese when it is so simple to make mine gluten free. Sissy
  11. We leave February 10th for the first cruise since I have been diagnosed. Princess offers a gluten free menu and I faxed them with my request. I have a friend whos sister has Celiac and she has cruised on Princess many times before...she said that they almost have to drag her off the ship at the end of the cruise..she is so spoiled by gluten-free pancakes, french toast, rolls and muffins...also each evening the head waiter would sit down with her and go over the next days menu so she could select what she would like to have prepared for her gluten-free the following day....I can hardly wait. We have cruised on this line many, many times before and have enjoyed the food, but it was on cruises that I had my first symptoms...stupid me, for several years I thought it was just eating different and rich foods that caused me to run to the ladies room each night after dinner, this will be a new experience for me...we have a very long transpacific cruise of 31 days from Sydney to Los Angeles planned for April '08. I am doing this short cruise as a test to see if I get sick and to make sure they really understand and get what I need.....so this is going to determine if we will be able to take the long cruise. On previous cruises after eating all the things I now know I cannot eat and usually did not eat at home I could not understand why I always became so tired and had so much gi distress, I now know that the way I felt was caused from the gluten...typical gluten reaction. Sissy
  12. That menu sounds outrageous...boy, do I love German potato salad! Was planning to make regular potato salad for New Years day, but the thought of German potato salad with our baked ham is very inviting. When I was in Sam's Club last week to buy my ham I was thrilled that right on the sign for the pre-sliced hams it said "Gluten Free" Yeah! I forgot to include our Christmas dessert to my menu....my daughter is making a flour free decadent chocolate cake and we are having that topped with peppermint ice cream with hot fudge sauce..Sissy
  13. Hi, I really loved the Thanksgiving thread and got so much help from all the tips and recipes that I thought it would be fun to share menus and recipes for Christmas too. Dinner is at my house and we are having our main dinner on Christmas Eve. I am making a huge prime rib roast with roasted fingerling potatos, carrots and baby onions, I have converted a recipe using cornstarch instead of flour to make creamed spinach and I'm making a salad of spring greens, chopped apples, toasted walnuts with raspberry vinagrette dressing and blue cheese crumbles for the gluten eaters and probably goat cheese for me. What are you having? Sissy
  14. I hope that you had no reaction from the oats...I know that I kept waiting and waiting to see if something happened, finally forgot about it and realized later that they were fine. About meatloaf, I found a can of corn tortilla crumbs in my regular grocery store and they worked great for making meatloaf...I always use ground turkey, grated carrots, chopped onion and a little fresh parslely when I make it and it makes the best sandwiches when it is cold. Sissy
  15. I found certified gluten free rolled oats at Wild Oats last week...I was so happy because I really missed oatmeal for breakfast and have never found a cold cereal that I like well enough to eat twice. The label says that the oats are raised, harvested and transported in dedicated ground and equipment and processed in a wheat free facility. I ate it for breakfast and it was wonderful. I loved the label..it says "special foods for special people". It is packedged in a clear plastic bag, 2.75 pounds and was about $12.00.
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