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  1. Georgie, how did you go about starting the Isocort? The sticky at the Adrenal forum on sttm says to start out with one/day, increasing slowly, however an article on the homepage from val says that she started with 2tabs in the am, then another 2 4 hrs later and she later increased dosing the next week to include another 2tabs and so on. Just wondering what your experience was, the gradual buildup and were you taking armour at the time?? I have been on armour since june, was on Isocort for a bit right after and then went off. I never exhibited any signs up armour buildup, yet i also haven't gotten full benefit
  2. Thanks Georgie, I did post at stopthethyroidmadness.com also. I am just trying to get as much feedback as possible; this adrenal thing is a real pain and it just seems that the more I ask, the more people I come across that have dealt with it. I'll definitely post anything that I find out. thanks again
  3. I am currently tracking my temps to see if I should go back on Isocort; I am currently on Armour, 120mg/day down from 180 - doc's orders, but I think I need to go back up, in the meantime I wanted to see how my adrenals have been doing (I was diagnosed back in june, although my doc at the time just put me on an ACE form; at this time I did take Isocort.) My new doc tends to be more homeopathic, I definitelly think the remedies she gave are not strong enough and she lowered my thyroid. I have been tracking my temps for the past few days (according to Dr. Rind site) and was wondering is this considered a "fluctuation"? I would think that according to my temps I may be good at the lowered dose of Armour but definitely need to go back to Isocort. let me know what you all think, below is my temps from the last 3 days. Day 1 ~ (3hrs. after waking up) 12:20pm - 97.4; 3:15 - 98.6; 7:30ish - 97.8 AVG 97.9 Day 2 ~ (about hour after waking just to see, then 3hrs, then every 3) 9:45am - 97.8; 12:45pm -98.4; 3:45pm - 98.3; 7:30 - 98.4 AVG 98.2 Day 3 ~ 10:30 - 98.4; 2pm - 98.1; 5pm 97.8 AVG 98.1 Day 4 (today, woke up at 7:30) 9am - 97.6; 10:30 - 98.4 It does fluctuate a bit, but overall isn't extremely low {also I know not to go completely by labwork, but yes, my TSH is lowered, Free t3 and t4 a bit high, my triglycerides are back down, constipation is bit on and off but definitely improved since Amour, however not a single lb lost yet of 30lbs that went on extremely quick (in about 6 weeks time)}
  4. In response to the question of what kind of doc and whether endo's are good are bad: I went to the so called "top" endocrinologist in my area a few years back (when I was exhibiting much of the same symptoms as know, which are "textbook" adrenal. All he tested was my thyroid and then when it was borderline, even though I had every single symptom under the sun (and not mild forms of the symptoms, I'm talking serious constipation, weight gain, ice cube feet in the summer!!! dry flaking skin..etc. etc. etc.) he brushed me off. Granted, this is the case of a bad doc, but this time around I didn't find any more success with endo's. I eventually found a great Alternative MD, who unfortunately is retiring, so now I am seeing an Internist/GP who does alternative practices. Some key words I look for with docs is alternative or bio identical hormone replacement (because my hormones bottomed out so bad then in the meantime while my adrenals get restored I need to be on hormone therapy. Its not easy finding a good doc, but the most important thing you can do for yourself is research research research!! My fave place is the library and I find out so much info on line too; this way you can at least tell if a doc is good for you by how he responds to your symptoms.
  5. awww..Toni, I'm sorry, I think we all just went off on a tangent. I re read all the posts and I have a question for you, were you ever 100% diagnosed with Fibro?? Quite a few months ago that is what the docs thought I had. First it was a regular GP, then my chiropractor, then at first my alternative md add FM to the increasingly long list of things I might have based on symptoms. I was in so much pain, I was trying to find relief everywhere (going to the chiro 3x's/week with no results) and it turned out to be due to my adrenals and thyroid, but more so the adrenals because I didn't have enough of the necessary hormones to combat the pain. It may not apply to you, but I figured I'd share my info anyway. Since I've been on armour and going for weekly accupuncture the pain is a thing of the past. Still dealing with a few other symptoms but I am sure they'll work their way out sooner or later
  6. Georgie, the test was free t4 and also free t3; the TSH was real close to 0.. I don't have it in front of me so I can't tell you the exact measurement. I do know that t3 was just a point or two above the range; t4 was about 2x's/above. What kind if any test have you had for your adrenals. I've had the cortisol/dhea saliva testing which was ordered by my previous now retired doc. The new one accepted it and said yes, even before she looked it over it was apparent from my symptoms that it is adrenal. I am thinking maybe if I asked for another specific test she would be more motivated for some aggresive treatment. Right now she is putting me on homeopathic meds for thyroid and adrenal and also an adrenal formula with some bovine adrenal in it (very minimal). I know that adrenals take some time to repair, but I would rather get treatment that is going to work quicker rather than slower. I do make sure I take supps. that support the adrenals, i.e., extra C, pantethine etc. and I just think that by now I should be feeling a bit more like my old self or at least seeing more results (some weight loss would be fabulous or maybe hormones being back in normal levels!)
  7. Thanks Georgie; I will have to ask my doc about the HC, but I have a feeling she won't go for it. What kind of dr. are you treated by? I was at 3grains of Armour and I didn't see any difference, that is why she pushed it back down to 2 grains. I know everyone usually doesn't go according to blood tests, but my TSH is low, below normal range and my t4 is about 2x's above the range; so when she suggested lowering it I didn't question it at all. I've just been through soo much in the past 8 months that I guess I'm getting sick of researching and questioning everything.
  8. Thanks for the responses. One question was to carbs in my diet, I am definitely on lower carb, with my carbs from the occasional whole grain bread (which is a pain to get in wheat free, so I usually don't); oatmeal a few times/week, sometimes brown rice. As far as fruit I try to stick to either apples or pears, nothing to high in sugar. But I definitely think this whole adrenal thing (or the hormonal imbalance caused from the adrenal fatigue) has compromised my ability to breakdown carbs. I've been on armour since june and my doc keeps asking about weight loss, but there hasn't been any (maybe a few lbs down but then it goes right back) even though I am following a considerably healthy diet of no processed foods, lean meats (my new doc just "prescribed" red meat 2x's/week last week, healthy fats ~ usually flax or extra virgin olive oil) and veggies. Do you all think I should go lower carb (then what I am doing)? has anyone had greater success that way? Everything I've read on adrenal issues says to have a balanced diet and include no sugar, but complex carbs; I'm a bit confused because if it seems that my body can't even handle complex carbs, wouldn't that be stressing my body if I did have them, and I thought the whole point of adrenal recovery is to avoid stressors such as things we're allergice to, etc.
  9. Thanks Ursula. I go back to my doc on the 3rd of Nov. This bloodwork came in after my first appt. with her, it was from two weeks prior prescribed by my other doc who was retiring, so I didn't have a professional check it out yet.
  10. Thanks Carla!! How long have you been dealing with adrenal issues? I have read that adrenals can cause weight gain and weight loss. From what I've seen is that when the adrenals are in the first stage of exhaustion, excess cortisol is pumped out and this could cause weight gain and loss is in the next stage when there isn't enough. I think my gain is also due to hormonal imbalances due to adrenal. My estrogens have been high low high low! so you can just imagine what that is doing! Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll definitely have to check it out. If you haven't read the Schwarzbein principle, that is good also. She deals with damaged metabolisms in general but does mention adrenal issues.
  11. I had done the raw food diet for about 4 months, let me tell you I never looked or felt better. But (and this is a huge BUT) I think it's too hard on a compromised system (I am hypothyroid and now have pretty bad adrenal fatigue). I think the too much sugar (fruit, fruit fruit) without any protein to counterbalance did a bad number on my adrenals ~ it was right after this that my adrenals took a big nosedive. I think semi raw is good (*but then again thats a healthy diet), by this I mean, use some of the principles of raw such as raw fats (i.e. unrefined extra virgin oils/healthy fats from avocados, raw nuts); lots of raw veggies, fruits, etc. I also use raw hemp protein shakes. But I do have fish and currently just added red meat (doc's order for 2'xs/week) According to my doc (she is an internist but also practices alternative therapies) she recomends a diet with lots of variety. Not eliminating any of the food groups (i.e. meats/poultry/fish, veggies or carbs) but being sensible, i.e. cutting out processed foods and favoring natural lower glycemic complex carbs (sweet potatos instead of pasta). As someone with food allergies (wheat is the main one, cows milk dairy products and nuts), this has been fairly easy for me to accomplish
  12. I had follow bloodwork two weeks ago for thyroid, hormones and a smac (I think thats what it was called). The good thing is that after being treated with Armour, my triglycerides went from 180 down to 48 !!! The thing that has me concerned is that my fasting glucose level was 99 (which is the high end of the range, the range actually goes to 99). Is this normal for someone with an adrenal condition???
  13. I just posted a long reply in an earlier thread re: my adrenal fatigue diagnosis. One thing I did leave out was that the newest dr. that I went to suggested that I eat red meat (I've detested it since birth!) at least 2x's/week because it has something called epithelium tissue that will help the adrenals repair. She didn't want to hear about my fish-full diet of salmon, sardines and the occasional chicken breast. She said that there are things in red meat that can't be found else where. So far it has helped me a bit in as far as that it has given me another choice to eat (I have a wheat, egg, almond allergy and eliminate soy for thyroid reasons). Another thing I've read for adrenal support is to eat every 3 hrs. lean proteins, complex carbs, efa's, low sugar to keep blood sugar stable.
  14. I am brand new to this site and I can't even tell you how relieved I am to find people that understand what i'm going through (and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!). I've had a borderline (by test standards) hypothyroid for my whole life (severe constipation, dry skin, eczema, easy weight gain/difficult loss, thinning hair, cold cold feet/hands .low body temp). To combat it I used to keep a very healthy diet (I am not a celiac but do have a wheat allergy) of non processed foods, lots of veggies/fruits and fish (sometimes chicken). I've also kept my minerals in check ~ extra selenium, coq10, tyrosine, zinc. But the one thing that I did to combat the weight gain was a very intense exercise program. After about 10 years of constantly going going going, my adrenals went!!! I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue by an alternative M.D. who also put me on armour. All of my hormones were bottoming out; low estrogens,progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone. My adrenal test showed sufficient amounts of DHEA, but lower cortisol. I don't know what my cortisol levels were when this all started (this doc was the 3rd one I went to). My hypo symptoms were all intensified with the addition to a few new ones, such as crazy allergic reactions to just about everything, and extreme, sudden weight gain (30lbs in 6weeks) in addition, the mood swings made me a different person (one that flew off the handle and would cry at the drop of a hat). I was told to take and adrenal supp in addition to the Armour (I used Isocort); I stopped using the isocort after a few months and continued with the Armour ~ I still haven't lost a lb even though I am low cal most of the time. I still get dead tired if I go to the gym for a cardio workout (usually low intensity on the eliptical) and I also do some yoga a few times/week. I am now going to an internist, who also does alternative. She is putting me on homeopathic supplements for adrenal and thyroid and decreasing my armour dose (from 180mg/day to 120mg/day). I was wondering if anyone else has had results with homeopathy. As you can all understand this is very frustrating, I went to bed a thin, healthy person one night and woke up 30lbs heavier and sick and tired. I am also going for acupuncture treatments.
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