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  1. Thanks guys! I'll try toasting it tommorow!
  2. I think it's really rediculous how people think you made it up or something. Like you want to have to go through all of that pain if you get glutened. I mean you wouldn't give a person with diabetes a big pound of sugar and tell them "It won't kill you." It's rediculous with some people. Gah I'm sry but ignorant people just make me really mad.
  3. Hi! I'm really new here and was just diagnosed very recently. I tried the kinnikinnick bread and they said if you put it in the microwave or toaster it tastes better. I tried it with the microwave and it just tasted soggy to me. I was wondering if there is a certain amount of time you'd want to put it in for or if putting it in the toaster is better? Thanks for your help!
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