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  1. I am sort of new on this whole gluten free stuff. I tried this gluten-free diet over 3 years ago and it did not go well for me. I just didn't know what I was doing. I am going to really do it this time. I need to get a cookbook for meals. Does anyone have any favorites they could share with me? I bought one a while ago but was not impressed. Please help!! Thank you!!
  2. I love your dog Mary Contrary! Is it a Miniature Schnauzer? Sorry to get off track with the pizza. I just became gluten free a few days ago. My last gluten meal was a Casey's Pizza. I was so sick from it all week end! I am not sure if I would like to try the pizza quite yet!
  3. I checked out my cherry coke and it does have caramel coloring to it. Isn't that a barley product? I know I was told I couldn't have any carmal coloring.
  4. I am pretty new to this website. I have had problems since 1996. I tried the gluten free diet about 3 1/2 years ago and it didn't help. I have been tested for every thing and we are at square one again. My docotor really feels it is Celiac. She want to do that endoscope thing again to see. All other tests have come back negative. I think I am going to pass on the test and just get started on the diet. I ate a bunch of pizza Friday night. I was so sick all night and all day yesterday. I was going to start the diet yesterday but I already messed up. I got a grilled chicken salad from McD's. I didn't realize it has caramel coloring in it. Now I am starting all over again. I also just found out that I can't even make my kids a peanut butter sandwich with regular bread. I think that is where I went wrong last time. This is going to be so hard. Maybe I will finally start loosing weight. Does anyone know if Cherry Coke is okay to drink? I love to drink one first thing in the morning. Well, my big question is: How long before you notice a difference? I have loose stools, urgency, and lots of cramping and just feel plain meiserable. I hate to leave the house any more. I really don't know how much longer I can put up with this. Thank you so much for allof your advice!
  5. Hi! I am new to this site. I started having problems in 1995, the year my first child was born. I was too embaressed and not sure of what was going on with my body that I did not seek a doctor until 2000. I was diagnosed with IBS. After having my 3rd child, I was really sick. I lost about 30 pounds in 2 months. I started getting migrains also. My doctor did everything he could think of but nothing was working. After about 3 months, he sent me to a specialist, who then sent me back to my regular doctor, who sent me to another specialst. They found out I have colitis but that is all under control and don't know why I am still having problems. In 2002, they suggested that I have signs of celiac in my stomach or somewhere. I went on the diet without much support and knowledge. I did not know I couldn't even touch the bread to make peanut butter sandwiches for my kids. I was tired of doctors and decided to just suffer. I have had enough of suffering now and went back to a different doctor in the same office. She is great! We are going to do that test where they put the tube down the throat and take another look. I think either way that turns out, I am going to try the diet all over again. I can not go on like this. I hate leaving my home anymore. Also, do any of you also suffer from having a lot of iron in the blood (hemochromatosis). We are doing another test with that to double check that. Didn't know if this was something common for ciliac.
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