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  1. Thank you. I've been gluten- free. I'm experiencing more pain and discomfort and flatulence and am concerned that I'm now intolerant of other things as well. I have some other concerns. Very irregular bowels.
  2. Hi - I previously only had skin symptoms (DH) and now am experiencing GI symptoms. Can anyone recommend a GI Dr. in the Seattle region? Thank you, Shawn
  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I used to have DH (when I had leaky gut) - now my symptoms have settled down and I have the "bloat belly". It's nasty. I hate feeling like somebody is making a circus balloon animal out of my intestines! I have been gluten free for a long time, though sometimes I'm not as vigilant as I should be. I am always constipated, too, and I eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies and drink lots of water. Does anybody know of a way to flush everything out? I'd be eternally greatful! Thank you, Shawn
  4. Hello - I'm very lucky in that my boss's boss is also gluten-sensitive, so whenever we have a party, she brings me a treat. That's why I wanted to lose weight!!! The gluten-free stuff in bakeries is made with extra fat to make up for the lack of gluten. I envy those who have lost weight gluten free - It's made it harder for me to lose weight. Or maybe I'm just getting older? I'm trying to use yogurt instead of half of the fat listed in recipes. Not as tasty but adds a little tanginess. Again, you guys are wonderful. Thanks for your support. I did well this morning at Starbucks. Wasn't even tempted because I had my corn muffin waiting for me. Shawn
  5. Thank you ALL for your support and empathy. I've been doing this gluten-free thing for 1.5 years now, and hadn't found it that difficult UNTIL I went on WW. The gluten-filled stuff is delicious but I do react to it pretty immediately and the reaction lasts for a week or more. Today, at your suggestion, I made myself treats - gluten-free coffee cake and gluten-free corn muffins. Maybe it will be easier now to talk myself down from the Starbucks display case. I made them before I saw your recipe for cake and cookies. I'll have to make them next. Gluten will make me sicker than indulging once in a while on a gluten-free treat. I looked for the Cambridge diet and saw that it is not readily available in the US. It looks good, though. It's nice to know you're all there. Thank you again. Shawn
  6. Hi - thank you for reminding me of the gluten addiction. The problem is that I decided to compound things by going on Weight Watchers, so now I feel completely deprived. I think that was an unhealthy thing to do, especially since I don't really "need" to lose weight, I just want to. So when I feel deprived, I lash out, and I guess I lashed out on gluten goodies.
  7. Well, it happened. I fell. Twice now in the last three weeks, I succumbed to my gluten craving. 1st time with something by Hostess (thank G-d they only come in packages of two!). Then, yesterday, my son wanted chicken Teriaki, and I ordered some for myself. Terribly light-headed and itchy both times, among other things. Today I went to Starbucks, and their lemon loaf looked too good. I bought some but haven't tasted it yet. Help! What should I do? I'm not sure I have the will power to stay on this diet! I feel too deprived. I hate having to eat gluten-free. Has anybody had this experience? How does one get back "on the wagon"? Thank you for your help, Shawn
  8. Hi - thank you for the response! Stride (fruit-flavored only) is the only sugarless gum that I've ever reacted to, so I don't think it's the artificial sweetener - I think it's the natural flavor. It's very bizarre.
  9. Hello, I had the most awful experience last night. I chewed Stride fruit-flavored gum. Other flavors have not affected me - but fruit affected me - had an awful reaction. I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, it listed "Natural Flavors". Stay away from this gum! My DH flared up. Have others had this reaction? Thanks, Shawn
  10. Thank you SO much for your responses. You've confirmed what my gut (no pun intended) has been telling me. The costs of putting gluten back into my diet are too high of a price to pay for a diagnosis that will only require what I am already doing....The costs of the endoscopy pale in comparison. I have been told that I cannot go out to eat anymore (unless the restaurant is gluten free) because of the cross-contamination. And I have found this to be true, since I get blisters when I eat out, even when I think I've stuck to it. Other than that, I've been vigilant. Thanks again, Shawn
  11. Hello, My Dr. wants me to have an endoscopy to be sure that I have Celiac (no stomach symptoms, just bad DH). If my symptoms go away when I'm off gluten, why bother to get glutened-up and go through a procedure? If it shows negative, they're saying it still could be false. I'm just not sure it's necessary, and I don't want to get glutened up again and break out. Help! Thank you, Shawn
  12. My doctor told me I should get a blood test to determine for sure whether I have celiac. The problem? He is an allergist, and told me it didn't matter that I was off gluten for a year - the results would be the same either way. I'm wondering if he knows what he's talking about? Everything I'd read says the tests will only read positive if there was gluten in the diet. So , what's the truth? I don't want to have to eat gluten before taking another test (but I'll eat a donut or two if I absolutely have to!) Thank you for your help, Shawn
  13. I have DH, and thought I had figured out the gluten-free diet without a hitch...but...I started drinking "Tab Energy" and right away began breaking out! Darned coca-cola, anyway! Has anybody else had this reaction?
  14. What diet are you on? It's weird, my weight has settled in a gut above my waist - as though my intestines are absorbing, and the fat is just sitting there. Not attractive at all. I don't like diets- we're already on a wheat deprivation diets. How many more things can we deprive ourselves of?
  15. Well, I lost weight when first going gluten-free in October. Now I'm gaining again. I'm not eating refined anything, no sugar, lots of fiber, no meat, low fat. My only vice is a nonfat Starbucks mocha in the morning. That's it! I exercise (I teach yoga) six days a week, do cardio, etc. And I now have a jiggly belly, not very flattering at all. It appears my small intestine is finally doing its job, but I'm POed about it. Grrrrr
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