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  1. My throat swells when I drink the Lactaid milk and when I chew the Lactaid tablets. I tried the Dairy-Ease milk but same problem. I found out that the commercial lactase is made using yeast and/or mold. Xantham gum is made from mold or cultured on corn as a mold. my stomach swells when I eat anything with xantham. Does this mean I have a yeast intolerance as well to go with my lactose intolerance and wheat/gluten intolerance? Is this why I just can't lose weight even when I have a clean diet and take my thryroid pills faithfully? My expensive digestive enzymes made my throat swell as well and they contain enzymes made using mold too. I am sitting here feeling that there is something stuck in my throat and I just drank a glass of Dairy-Ease. Any thoughts besides to stop drinking the darn stuff and switch back to soy even though soy is bad for my poor thyroid?
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