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    Hiking, travel when I can. Meeting new people, the mountains of AZ, CATS, flowers, gardening, cooking new celiac fee recipes..cooking in general. Doing things with my family.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hello everyone....thanks for all the feedback on the magazine. One thing I learned from this, is you are really at the mercy of the media...they do not want to make anything sound...unusual...and all the information I gave her..she picked a few good things...but did not put it together as I had spoken or written my story. At least its a start...and if I can help ONE person...I have done my job for now. THANKS EVERYONE!!! Vickie Hi Patti,,,good to hear from you again...Keep in touch!! I have not been online very much lately..soo busy. Hope you had a good Holiday!! Vickie
  3. Hello, was so happy you finally got it!!!! What is your first name? Do not want to call you Jersey Girl all the time! LOL. Yes, it was fun doing the magazine...my dad said the same thing, that all 3 women in the pictures looked around the same age...he is funny. I just simply hope that some of this got through to other people. Keep in touch!! Vickie
  4. Its the December 11th issue, its in green and red colors for christmas, and you can also buy it at Wally world...(Walmart). I know its out...I have 10 copies, and I live in Tucson, another girlfriend found it in Florida, another friend in Ohio...it says in big letters on front, Under Pressure? Hope this helps?? Vickie
  5. So, has anyone tried to get the magazine yet? It actually came out on Saturday. December 11, issue, was to be on stands November 20th,...I am on page 26 with two other ladies and their story on having celiac. Please let me know if you have gotten it yet. Thanks
  6. Ok everyone...I was to remind you when the article came out that I am in for celiac disease. I am not sure what the reporter is quoting me, I gave her LOTS of information over a course of 2 months...and I am sure she will not put any of the technical info in...but at least its getting the word out more. The article is hitting the stands on Monday, the 20th of this month-November. Its the December 11th issue. Please spread the word that there is one more magazine out there that is hopefully going to help at least a few people. Again...I am not sure that she is putting in the magazine the real pertinant info...she wanted some anecdotes..which are hard to come by when you are talking about your health. Ok,,,with all that said..I hope its good reading at least. Thanks!!!!! Vickie Laroue in Tucson, AZ...the best city in the USA!!
  7. Thanks everyone for the replys...I am excited too..I think that getting any word out about this condition/disease is very important. I have many allergies,,,caused from undiagnosed celiac for 40 years. I am now 52, eating very healthy the last 3 to 4 years, and you will be able to see my picture in the magazine..I do look healthy if I may say so myself..It was fun doing..and just glad to get the word OUT about Celiac. I have no idea what the reporter actually used from ALL the information I gave her. Sometimes she would say...not so technical, when I was explaining things..anyway, no matter what people read it..and that hopefully will help a few. I will remind everyone like you asked, closer to the time its out. One good thing, everyone at my work wants to have one..maybe it will help someone close to home. Thanks all.
  8. Hello everyone...was diagnosed with silent celiac about 4 years ago..some symptoms are just like the classic and others are not. Anyway, my nutritionist Melissa Diane Smith, who wrote the book "Going against the Grain" had a call just this past June from a reporter for First for Women magazine. To make a long story short, I am actually going to be in an article with two other women about Celiac. It comes out November 20th. Walmart and Grocery stores sell it the most. If anyone would like to read it...look it up around that time. My name is Vickie and I will have a pic too. Thanks
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