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  1. Hi. I have Betty Hagman's More Gluten Free Gourmet recipe book and would like to get a breadmaker and try out some of the delicious sounding bread recipes. However, I notice that they almost ALL contain potato starch flour. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the best way I can keep it under control is to avoid all nightshade foods. The worst for me is potatos, and I can eat them very occasionally, but certainly not on a daily basis in bread. What could be substituted for this type of flour and still have the breads come out? Thanks, Joy
  2. Hello. Can anybody recommend to me a good bread maker for making gluten free breads? Something not too large or expensive. I'd like to find one without teflon, but I bet all the pans have got non-stick coating, right? I tried making my own loaf in the oven, but it came out a combination of a brick and a sponge. Also, can you all clear up a question for me: does amaranth have gluten or not? I eat a gluten-free cereal with amaranth, but I recently saw amaranth on a list of gluten-containing grains. I'm not a strict celiac, but have gluten-sensitivities so must avoid as much as possible. Thanks for any advice! Joy
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