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  1. I am getting tested on the 12th and my Dr. actually told me to 'hit my thumb over and over with the hammer'. In other words, he told me to eat tons of bread to cause it to do it's thing so it will be obvious to the him if I do have celiac disease. He will also biopsy the inflamed area. He also told me months ago not to stop eating bread til after the endo.
  2. Wow, thank you. I will surely be getting my son, who has very mild tics, auditory processing disorder, verbal apraxia, and visual perception disorder checked.
  3. yikes, did you eat any honey baked ham? There is recall on some.
  4. Hey, I will be going to my GI Dr. on the 31st. Does anyone have any advice on ?'s I should definitely ask. I was dx with being a 4 for Celiac with a blood test by my Endocrinologist Dr. and he has referred me. Think GI will likely do a Endoscopy says Endocrinologist Dr.
  5. I too was hyperthyroid. However, my Dr. told me that not everyone typically does the same thing with the weight loss. I didn't lose. My metabolism just stopped. If you were just dx with hyper-t. then you could have actually been up and down on your levels and gaining when you were in hypo-t. and you didn't know you were hypo. My levels are up and down. I was told when I get me a Endocrinologist, I need to find a good one cuz they will become my best friend due to how much you will see them and they will take your blood. You want to be checked very regularly.
  6. Sarc. does cause arthralgia (temp. arthritis) and I did have that- very painful. It faded after I was on Pred. for only 1 1/2 months. This was 3 years ago. It is not a chronic case but considered acute. It could flare up. I take a Vit. D pil now to bring up that def. and am worried that the calcium can fuel the Sarc. and hope it doesn't affect the Celiac also. I have a great Dr. in CHarlotte and I think he will keep a sharp eye on that. THanks all for that advice. I will likely wait to go gluten free. I will not have the scope til Jan. so this will allow me to get a good year under my belt before next years Holidays. AWESOME!!! Great job on the weight. That is so comforting to hear. I do hope that that is part of my prob. It will be something that gets me going. Keep up the good work.
  7. Well, I am not really sure exactly what my dr. noticed that wanted him to screen me for celiac. I think he feels that many things can cause my body to be insulin resistant and that may be what it was. He then said, my GI will want to do a scope so that is why I will have that done.
  8. Wow, thanks for quick response. I will likely do all that. Not sure of symptoms that go exactly along with celiac, but, this is what I have: overweight, Graves disease, hypothyroidism, insulin resistant, lactose intolerant, uncomfortable pains in feet and hip, Vit. D and iron defficient, bout of Sarcoidosis 2 yrs ago, these are all diagnosed.
  9. I just found out 3 weeks ago that my test showed in the low positive range for celiac. I am going to the GI @ the end of the month. May have scope done in early '07(ins. reasons). I live in NC and have a DH and 2 DS's. Trying to figure out mostly what I can and can't eat now.
  10. I am confused about what my Endo. dr. said about my test results he ordered. I am going to a GI dr. next month. The Endo. said that Neg. is 0-3 and I was a 4. What does this mean? He also gave me an option to go on ahead and have the Endoscopy before I went to the GI too.
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