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  1. I just thought I'd stop by, I haven't had any symptoms of the Lymphocytic/mycroscopic colitis for almost 3 months now, and I am eating wheat again, I have been for 6 weeks now, without one ill effect. I consider myself extremely lucky. When all of my problems were full blown I felt it was in my best interest to try everything humanly possible to get over my condition.

    I sure did appreciate all of the help and advice I received from you good folks on this Forum.

    I just wanted to stop by and bid you adieu. :)

  2. So I know it's a gross topic, but I'm getting a little freaked out . . . so I was diagnosed with Celiac and have been gluten free for about 6 weeks now. I feel great! I am concerned though about one thing . . . I have diarrhea every day now. I realize that it may take a long time for my body to heal, but I am concerned because I only occasionally had diarrhea before I started the gluten-free diet - now it is every day - why would this get worse?? Any ideas?? Thanks!
    get checked for Microscopic/lymphocytic colitis...I have been doing lots of reading about it, it is what I have..see my sig..anyway lots of people with celiacs have this as well....look it up on google and see if it sounds like your symptoms...it is hard to diagnose and I was lucky enough to go to a good Endo who found it right away...

    try Physillum husk, two teaspoons, three times a day, with meals, that should help you with the D.

  3. I was diagonsied with Lymphocttic Colitis in Feb 05. My symptoms came back this summer but different and worse. Horrible blaoting and lots of other things. I was only seeing a colon/rectal surgeon who only wanted to put me on medication after medication. I am sick of being medicated and not finding an answer. I have an appointment next week with an allergists/immunologists since I have been getting hives for no explained reason. I also have a low B12. Do you have any of these other things along with your Lymphocytic Colitis.


    no, so far I'm doing quite well now, I am hypothyroid, which is another autoimune disorder....

    Try some Psyllium husks, I swear that is what is helping me the most..I take two heaping teaspoons in water with every meal, it is kinda like drinking sawdust, but who cares, it helps...I was going constantly to the bathroom, up at night too, and it was hell trying to work or do anything for months...now I am back to just once or twice in the morning, although it is still rather urgent, but nothing like it was.

    Good luck to you I sure know how miserable this is....

  4. I am making a huge pizza from scratch using Pizza and French Bread mix from the Gluten Free Pantry...my H is great and just goes with the flow..eats whatever I fix, gluten free....he thinks it taste just fine..

    and having a few drinks..Woohoo...and if we are lucky we might make it to 10 o'clock or so.. :P

  5. Sorry for the double post, but wanted to get back to you wonderful folks on here and maybe this will help some other poor fool out there as well..

    I added it to my sig, but here is what I have confirmed Microscopic/lymphocytic colitis ..but I am still staying gluten free, because initially it just made me feel better, it didn't do anything for the constant D, but now I have an answer for that..and I am doing much much better...and I know you people can relate to this..I am even back to real turds... :P

    I have been gluten free for almost 3 months now as well..and am sticking to it...everything my body is telling me is that I am on the right track, despite the negative tests.

    and of course I have "friends" who say "well if the tests says you can have wheat, then what's the problem" and then they look at me like I am nuts...but my entire family, and especially my husband, are extremely supportive and know I am not crazy.

    It has been fantastic to come here and read what so many of you have to say, and how true it rings for me as well...

    I also have to say in my Docs defense that Microscopic/lymphocytic colitis can go undiagnosed for years, it is hard to find..so I do have lots of faith in the man. They even felt at the clinic if wheat bothers me, well don't eat it. Duh-o...

    Merry Christmas

  6. After massive biopsies..{endoscopsy and colonoscopy] it has been determined this is what I have...and it rings true, I am like a text book case for this, but I have also been off of wheat for about 3 months, and two months prior to the tests....they said I am negative for celiac sprue..does anybody else have this autoimune disorder too ??? So I ate some cookies after they told me this..and nothing really happened, but I was a bit more gassy than usual a day or two later..I think I am staying off of wheat for the time being anyway..because I am finally getting almost back to normal.

    does anybody else have this...Lymphocytic/Mycroscopic Colitis...it basically means you, sorry, crap yourself to death...constant non-bloody D.....but it does go away, mine is about stopped now for the last 3 weeks.

    I have also read some other articles that say about a third of the people with this also have celiacs...







    Don't be scared I did it last night and this morning, had the COLONSCOPY/UPPER ENDOSCOPY done at 10 am this morning...and it was a piece of cake..didn't feel or know a thing, they had me totally out...and the stuff you have to drink is not bad at all...I drank the big bottle of stuff at 6 pm last night and then at 7 pm drank one of the little bottles...then at 6 am had another of the little bottles of stuff...you need to be really cleaned out or they might just not even do it.....you need that big bottle of Golightly first or it won't be enough...you have to do what they tell you to do. I had to drink a 10 oz bottle of Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution..I assume it is the same as the Golighty..I thought it tasted pretty good even....the little bottle of stuff are alot worse !!!!

  8. me too me too..I had an Endoscopy and colonoscopy today as well..

    But about a month ago I had negative blood work for Celiacs, because I have been off of gluten for 2 months now...I didn't know, so I am not going back to get positive results, I am off of Gluten for good..but he did find a few other things...

    He removed 3 polyps, I have mild Diverticulosis, mild gastritis and he took many biospsys from both proceudres, also checking for Celiacs, but I'm not holding out much hope there..

    And no Cancer ...I go back in 2 weeks for all of the results, but it was just good for my peace of mind to find out a few things. I have had had a slight pain right where the Diverticulosis is..so that explains that.

    Regardless of whatever else he finds, I am gluten free for life now..because the horrible bloating and gas are gone now, and my D is finally getting under control a bit, and no medication in the world ever had any effect on the D.

  9. I've always been selective about what I cook for me and the H, so it's not that tough, just elimanating a few more things now...but that leaves tons of things..meat, fish, poultry and veggies...rice, I just adjust whatever I cook, corn strach for gravies and sauces now, it's pretty easy. Not a big pastry eater anyway...I love Van's gluten free waffles..and the Light Brown Rice Bread ENER-G makes, makes a wonderful toasted sandwich..it is a bit hard to eat without frying or toasting though...

    I have a box of the Gluten Free Pantry Pizza dough mix, but haven't made it yet....I have high hopes though.

  10. Hello Everyone,

    This is my first time on this board. As I have reading other posts everyone has been so pleasant and willing to offer advice so I thought I would give it a shot. I have not yet been officially diagnosed with celiac however my doctor thinks its either that or IBS. My blood was negative for celiac. Either way she says those with IBS do well on a celiac diet. It's only been 4 days off gluten and so far I do feel better. Although I do wonder about hidden gluten and guess I just need to keep learning where to find it :)

    Any hints out there for a newbie? How about a suggestion on chewing gum. As far as I can tell the one I like to chomp on has a forbidden ingredient. I have already ordered some cookbooks so hopefully this will help with dinner ideas....I love to cook so this is putting a bit of a kink in my meals. As long as I feel better, right?

    I am trying not to be frustrated or stressed. Afterall the IBS symptoms get worse with stress ;) I go back to the doctor in two months to monitor my progress and see if the gluten free diet is working.

    Anyway...I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself a bit. Feel free to hit me with all the advice a new person needs. I will appreciate every bit of it.


    Hi I am pretty new myself..I had negative blood work about 3 weeks ago, but at the time I had been off of gluten for about 5 weeks...but I am having an endoscopy tomorrow, and I see from reading here that it will most likely be negative as well, since I have been off of gluten for almost 2 months now..but my constant D, that will respond to nothing, not even some high powered stuff my regular Doc gave me, is finally getting better, psyllium husks help as well..

    I am having a colonoscopy as well in the morning just to be sure nothing else is wrong...but the change in diet is making a huge difference, with in a few days my horrible bloating and gas went away.

    It has been fun trying to think of things to fix and the way we eat, which is rather simple anyway, it is not to hard, just good natural food cooked simply, atleast until I get healed up a bit better. So far I have found Quinoa to be the best substitue for pasta, atleast for our tastes anyway.

    Good luck and this site is awesome, it has been extremely helpful for me to be here, mentally and physically, and it is good to know we are not alone in this.

  11. I am cold most of the time too..I haven't been this cold since my thyroid was dangerously out of whack, but it is under control now, just had it rechecked..but my hands and feets are freezing most of the time..so I get all bundled up and them I have a hot flash, I can't win... :rolleyes: but I am sure it is all related to Celiacs, I am hoping once I get healed up, I am only gluten free for 2 months now, that is will go away..along with the chronic D..

  12. Yep! Peanuts are just really hard to digest to begin with and many people have problems with them, even if they aren't strictly allergic to them. When I first started the diet, I snacked on a nut mix a lot, but I finally figured out that it was the nuts making my stomach hurt all the time because they weren't digesting. So at least for the healing portion, staying away from peanuts and maybe other nuts is a good idea.
    good advice..and I might add popcorn is not good either..Good Lord..no pain, but way too frickin much ruffage at the mo.. :blink: so far it has just been the peanuts that have given me any pain...

    Oh good to know about the mold in peanuts, we only use natural peanuts butter too, I have the feeling that as soon as I get healed up, I'll be able to go back to everything but gluten or course. I use to have an iron stomach so to speak until this cropped up.. :angry:

  13. Im vegan, i have itp, i suffer from anorexia, and was just diagnosed with celiacs disease, im still eating vegan bagels nonstop though ughhh i cant help it, any advice on how to get off the bread? ty
    Well good heavens, just stop eating them, you are just harming yourself. You poor dear.

    I'm sure we all loved pizzas and garlic bread and English muffins..I sure did, but I'd never even think of eating any now, not for any reason.

  14. You just have to go cold turkey, you can't keep harming yourself...

    Good luck, and stop, well start today and don't look back, I just feel lucky I have something wrong with me that I can control, I don't need drugs to feel better, it is just a matter of eating right, we should all consider ourselves lucky not to have some other horrible thing wrong with us and be at the mercy of the medical profession to make us feel better or cure us.

  15. Just thought I'd ask if any of you guys have had your thyroid checked ?? I had severe C for a long long time..in a huge amount of pain..it was very scary, and then found out my thyroid was seriously out of whack...as soon as I got on meds and my TSH started to come down from 119 to below 5, it completely went away..

    but now with the Celiacs, I have constant D..I almost miss the old C days :blink::rolleyes: ..

    but been gluten free for about 2 months now and it is starting to slow down a bit...YAY....

    Also Psyllium Husk helps immensely for both C and D..

  16. Thanks for everyones advise, I have been feeling a lot better not eating gluten in less than a week. but before the blood test i decided to go and eat up...ha ha . I had Ravioli with cheese in it yesterday w/garlic bread and about died. The swelling that had went down came right back and i was up all night with stomach cramps and running to the bathroom. yuck. I am going to be tested this week but god i do not want to suffer like this. After doing some more family research all my mother's sisters and my granfather died from complications w/the intestinal track... Pancretitis, diabetes, etc... I have several 1st cousins that are now suffering with diabetes, fybromyalgia, exzema, psoriosis,stomach cancer, gerd ,etc. After my test , If it comes out positive I am going to be informing everyone in my family to be tested. Would eating a little gluten be ok for the test to come out positive? (even though i prefer not to eat any at all)
    I am so new at this, but I don't care what the test results say now, if they are negative, I'll know why they are negative and will just forge ahead gluten free for the rest of my life. I am not going to torture myself to find out something I already know to be true...but like I said I will be glad to have a few other things checked out tomorrow anyway, just to be on the safe side, in matters of our health I feel it is better to error on the side of caution.

  17. oh yes, love Trader Joes..I just think peanuts at the mo are to rough for my intestines...just wondered if they bothered anybody else in the beginning..

    I am just sticking to meat, chicken, rice, potatoes and a few other veggies..homemade stew has been good for me and I made the best mac and cheese with Ancient Harvet Quinoa pasta, it was quite excellent, even the H loved it, but milk and cheese aren't too good for me right now either...

    I don't mind cooking this way..it isn't really too tough..as soon as I am feeling a bit better going to try mastering something so I can have a pizza.. :D ...bought a gluten free pizza dough mix to try in a few weeks..YAY..