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  1. It seems that I have offended some readers. That was not my intent. I was only relating my experience. I still have celiac, I know this. I said that I can tolerate gluten now. I think it is wonderful that there is so much more information available now. I am not suggesting that people take their children off a gluten-free diet. Going gluten lite was okay for me, but it was a personal choice. It was very difficult when I was younger to find help or food. Nowadays, in my opinion, it is so much easier because there are foods that are readily available for people with gluten allergies. I have read on here that several parents are sad for their children. I always had to eat strange concoctions that my mother created, but I was never made fun of by other children. I know children can be cruel, but I don't think having celiac is anything to be sad about because one can go on to live a normal life. I have and I did it without prepackaged foods. I just wanted parents to know that as an adult who was diagnosed as a child, I am thriving and I didn't feel a loss of any kind.
  2. Hello-- I was diagnosed with Celiac disease when I was 18 months old. Back in 1978 this disease was almost unheard of, so I am so excited to see an entire website devoted to it. I spent the first 8 years of my life completely gluten-free thanks to my wonderful parents. When I was 8 I was given a biopsy and told that I could tolerate gluten again. I have had it ever since and feel great. So for all you parents out there who are saddened by how being gluten-free may affect your children there is hope. Now I am the proud mother of a four month old. I am breastfeeding and decided to go gluten-free after Britton did not gain weight and had horrible reflux. His pediatrician, though she knows I am a celiac, does not seem to be taking this into account when treating him, and suggested that he be switched to formula. I refused and decided to go gluten-free. He is now gaining weight and the reflux has stopped. I am wondering if anyone knows if infants can be tested? Thanks, Rachel-Frances
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