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  1. Thanks...I've been google-ing every combination of words I can think of to find information and searching this site as well. I just can't find anything that sounds like my symptoms.
  2. My first post here. I'm going crazy. My doctor diagnosed me with simply "carbohydrate intolerance" after thinking I might have diabetes. All the diabetes tests were negative. My major symptom is EXTREME lethargy immediately following any kind of carbohydrate. I simply cannot eat most foods because within minutes I am dizzy or so sleepy I have to lay down. Does anyone have this symptom? I've read so much on carb intol and celiac but nothing about the instant lethargy I get. Is this bad enough that asking for a test for Celiac disease doesn't make me insane? I am trying very hard not to become a hypochondriac but the lack of choices in food is driving me up the wall. I am also lactose intolerant and get headaches from anything with nitrates or high amounts of sodium. Any advice is appreciated. I don't want this disease but I need to know what is wrong with me.
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