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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Geuine weight gain: I have been extremely thin all my life, 8-9 months ago since diagnosing still no weight gain, thinking there is something wrong here, after many trips to the Dr, Specialist, Dietician, internet products, the real weight gainer is Fortisip and Milk. Full milk. Not semi-skimmed. Drink at least 1.5 pints per day, (full of calcium too) and drink 3 x bottles of Fortisip. It is working for me and I have never ever reached over 84 lbs before! I am not 84 lbs and since going on these drinks I have gained 8 lbs on one month. Seriously. These drinks have to be prescribed and they are 200ml bottles. Loads of flavours and the taste is awful!! I get one months supply at a time around 84 bottles and been told to drink 3 bottles a day. See your dietician about this. THey are for people with our condition and malnutrition. They do work.
  3. Hi there. Maybe you should ask to see a dietician if you dont have one already? Your Dietician will see if you are getting enough calories. I am 23 years old and only a very scary 84lbs in weight so I know what you are going through. Ask for a supplement drink called Fortisip. I have to drink 3 per day and they compensate for a meal, plus I eat as nomal but have these extra meal/drinks. Theyre worth trying. Ive been on those for a month and gained 8lbs. Also try increasing your calories to 2500 a day instead of your RDA of 2000 calories. Believe me, im also trying everything there is to try and find this is my only option.... If you are losing weight that is something you need to see your Dr about. Hope this helps!
  4. I have RLS !! It is driving my boyfriend crazy at nights with me getting up to stretch my legs for a while, kicking him when moving around constantly. My legs now ache all day and at night. I was given Ammitriptiline for this anti-depressants but these made me worse. I wouldnt reccomend those to anyone. I have been told to try TOnic Water as it contains something, I dnt like the taste so I dont bother.
  5. Gosh I thought I was having it bad having severe celiac disease. I am interesting in hearing more about having celiac disease and Crohns Disease? I am getting a barium Swallow soon ordered my my specialist and dont understand why he would like me to have this. I am 23, almost 24 yrs old and I am only 84 lbs in weight. I think there is something else wrong than celiac disease. I eat crazy amounts of food, I am on prescription food supplements Fortisip drinks 3 x per day and I still cannot gain weight. I sometimes lose weight. I have lost interest in my social life, clothes are very hard to fit me and hang off. Ive lost so much friends because of being paranoid about my weight. I feel like there may be more to this. From all the stories I read about people gaining too much weight being gluten-free. I am def not eating any gluten. Can you please help possibly?
  6. Hi there. Ive been gluten-free since October last yr, weigh around 94 lbs mark, very underweight, was very symptomatic pre diagnosis, have a complete burnt out villi and very inflammed gut. My Specialist said it was the worst case he has seen. Since gluten-free its been good, but no weight gain. Dietician has given me Fortisip drinks 3 x per day. Ive gained 8lbs but thats stopped now. Still eating alot of food during the day too. Definitely 100% no gluten getting into the diet. My Specialist wants me to get another Endoscopy this Thurs coming as my checkup and also a Barium Swallow. Can anybody tell me why I am getting a Barium Swallow? I dont understand the reason behind it? Can somebody advise if Crohns disease can be picked up in the Endocopy when this is being carried out? The symptoms seem very similar to celiac disease and with my weight loss and being very thin could this be related? Or would this have been picked up by now?
  7. Hi Everyone. Ive been gluten-free for around 8-9 months now and still very underweight. I used to weight 84 lbs and now 97 lbs. I have been very thin all my life, and people used to (and still do) ask if I have an eating disorder. Very annoying. I can guarantee if you are looking to gain weight try: Fortisip. Its a nitrition drink prescibed by your dietician. I have been on this for one month now and since then ive gone from 84lbs to 97lbs. Also try drinking 1.5 pints of milk per day. Its good for calcium and it has made a difference. I know some of you may think it wont work like nothing else works. Believe me, ive been trying everything since being diagnosed. Best to check with your Dr or specialist if you are not allergic to Lactose as that may be preventing you from gaining weight. Oh and one more thing, eat lots of chicken and rice! And eat 2500 calories per day plus if you can manage. They fortisip drinks compensate as a meal high in nutrition, high energy as a supplement. They really do work. Little warning though, they taste strange until you get used to them!
  8. Hi there! Im from Aberdeenshire! Well not Aberdeen but the suburbs! How are you doing? How are you coping with your celiac disease? Im finding it pretty tough right now since being diagnosed! Getting an appointment to see my specialist is like gold dust. And my GPs dont have a clue about celiac disease!
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for the replies... I eat a lot of chicken and rice too which supposedly helps. Ive been diagnosed for 4 months, and apparently my villi was nearly burnt out so im guessing that wll take quite a few months to heal and fully grow back. I will be patient and continue to eat lots.. Im hoping to gain some more lbs! And at least 2 stones!! Or lbs!! Susan x
  10. Hi there, Ive been diagnosed, and strangely coping ok. Apart from the weight. I NEED to gain weight as I am 6stone 5lbs. I was 5stone 9 lbs but have gained some weight. I cant reach any further with the weight gain! Thats an issue I cant do anything about. My eating is chronic. I eat loads of fruit, crisps, cakes (gluten free of course), 2x big meals and snacks. I never get full up or stop eating!! Anyway, I need some help on Walkers Sensations - Lime & Thai Spices - they have Maltodextrin (from What) but have a label saying 'Suitable for Coeliacs' Im confused as ive been told Maltodextrin from wheat is NOT gluten free? These are my favourite crisps and Walkers refuse to get back to me...... Thankx S x x
  11. Hi there Guys, Here's my story - sorry if I bore you, I will try and make it short! In October 05, I was taken into Hosp with serious cramps and pains in Abdomen, they perfromed a Laparoscopy and took my appendix out whilst there, yep still no answer to my probem! I went home to recover and started deteriorating badly. Bloating, abdominal pains, weight loss, sore muscles, not sleeping and the list goes on. I was weighing 6.5 stone before hospital. I now weight just above 5.5 stone. Sometimes it varies. This is well below my BMI and a scary weight right now for my age 23. I cannot have nights out with friends because I am questioned I am so thin, stared at or I cannot go out because clothes hang from me. Its awful, it also has made me obsessive with eating, I stay in and eat and stuff my face, I never go out, lost half my friends and paranoid about even going shopping. My specialist saw me 5 months ago (after an 8 month wait on the NHS waiting list for Endoscopy). It was then confirmed I had celiac disease and was at a very bad state where my villi is barely there and burnt out. I have been on a gluten free diet since, symptoms a lot better but weight loss is my main worry. I am still losing weight. I understand the villi takes a while to grow, nobody is listening to me on my worries. I now have no belief I will recover or gain weight, am losing interest in the gluten-free diet now and feel like giving up. My Specialist said he will see me again, I hope to perform another Endoscopy so they can see if there is any improvement. Please, if anyone has the same symptoms or story, please contact me. I dont know anyone else with celiac disease to talk to apart from online. If someone else is in the same boat as me - I might have a little amount of belief! Thanks. S
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