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  1. I was diagnosed with mono about a year ago and i haven't felt right since. It started off with some nausea and of course the extreme fatigue (which has never gone away) and has just been getting worse ever since. I have been in and out of doctors offices for the last 6 months with all seemingly unrelated symptoms (yeast infections, sinus infections, acid reflux etc...). Then over the summer i started to get bad Diarrhea and my acid reflux became unbearable. I finally got referred to a GI and am getting a colonoscopy and an endoscopy in 2 weeks. some of my other symptoms have begun to include: excessive gas cravings of wheat headaches extreme tiredness after eating muscle cramps and spasms at night restless leg syndrome joint pain hair loss dry eyes a constant discomfort in my stomach and intestines intolorance to alchohol (i get very sick after drinking, especially beer) vision problems (floaters and flashes) lactose intolerance distended stomach depression (just lately after being sick so much) irritability Im sure if I kept thinking I could find some more symptoms too. Ive been reading this message board for a while and it is scary how similar some of the stories are. I was just wondering what some people thought and if there is anything else people think I should look into. I really have done a lot of research and I cant find anything else that sounds quite right. I am a teacher and going to work everyday is torture. I would really appreciate peoples thoughts on this because if I test negative for celiacs I want to know if i should pursue more testing. thanks for your help.
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