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  1. Hi, I remember reading about avoiding something in Shampoos etc called SLS, does that stand for Sodium Laureth Sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. I have switched to Dove in everything but the body soap they have has one of these in it and not sure if its going to be ok. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, I would appreciate more info on MSG.
  3. Hi there, this is my first posting on this site and I have just recently put all my symptoms togther and realized that I have probably had DH for years (10-20), with the help of all the sites avail and people sharing their symptoms, especially the ones that are not typical, thank you all for that. I do have a few questions though if you don't mind reading my story. It all started when I decided to get "healthier" and started eating whole grain bread with poached eggs every morning beginning last spring. The beginning of June, I had my first welt/bump about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, swollen, hard, itchy to begin with (while growing) and then to painful to itch. I had one that showed up somewhere everyday and in 24 hours it would be gone and would show up somewhere else. Usually on the bottoms of my feet or the palms of my hands but could be anywhere, in fact it was on my tongue twice. I have read it described by others, but tonight I can't find where that was. Others have described it well by feeling like walking on golfballs. By August I was getting up to 5 of them a day and had some days that I really couldn;t walk but didn;t worry because I knew it would be gone by the next day. I was losing sleep though and of course friends and family urged me to go to the doctor, who has no idea what they are but referred me to a dermitologist (appt is booked for Feb/07), so that they both wouldn't know together, his words, lol. He also recommended that i switch back to eating good old white bread and see if it helps. It didn't, so after looking it up on the internet I decided to go without gluten and have done so for about a month (at least I think so). I have not had a welt/bump since about 1 week after starting this diet but would like to know if they have a name? The other symptoms I have are a rash (DH) on my hands and forearms that I have had forever but it definately got worse this summer, as well as spreading to my stomach where I also had some hives. And of course the huge bloated stomach that my doctor felt was just a few extra pounds from overeating this summer (scale said I didn't gain any pounds, but belt was out 2 more notches). I definately have been feeling better but had some soup with MSG this past weekend and my stomach bloated up again and I got hives and DH on my stomach again. I have read that MSG is ok but some still react? Is that right? I have also read that Citric Acid is bad and on another site its ok. What is the word on MSG and Citric Acid? My Doctor told me to take an anihistamine for a month and the itch lessened but the rash(DH?) did not go away. If the rash is DH would an antihistamine help or would that say that it is prob an allergy? Anyway when I stop taking it the itch gets worse again. A pleasant surprise is that I am not constipated anymore, another symptom that I have talked to doctors about in the past and of course they recommend more bran and cerials etc. I always felt that it made it worse and gave up trying to add more to my diet. Of course I have been eating more fruits and vegetables and that could be helping but really didn't befor the new diet. Sorry to bore you with my story but it sure has been good to read yours and see that all these things could be connected. I don't think it has been as bad for me, and I seem to have figured it out pretty quickly because of this site, but I have also read that you get more sensitive after starting the gluten-free diet and I think I already notice that, hopefully it will be more good then bad in the time to come. Thank you for your answers, I really want to have this figured out by the time I go to the Dermatoligist in Feb.
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