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  1. Uhhhhhgggg. I can't believe the Angus patties have wheat in the seasoning. If the seasoning is added to the beef while on the grill, then yes, the grill becomes contaminated. If the seasoning is added before the patty is placed in the container/on the bun, we might be ok. If the seasoning is indeed added while they're cooked on the grill, then the regular burgers are going to take onthe seasoning taste too. So this one has me baffled a bit. I say we get as many people as possible to write to them, explaining the situation and ask them to consider a seasoning that does not contain wheat. And also, ask them of the preparation process for the Angus burgers/meals. As for the fries, they're fine. They are cooked in a dedicated fryer, and i'm going by the independent study that found no traces of gluten. Just my 2 cents though.
  2. Overall, were you satisfied with Carnival? We're sailing on teh Triumph in April. My wife spoke to someone the other day who told here there are gluten free breads, rolls and pasta on board. They indicated that the buffet's would be the toughest. I assumed that. They also said we were free to bring whatever food we wanted on board. I'm thinking of packing cereal, chips, snacks that I know I can eat. When you brought your cereal on-board, were you questioned about food etc.? or given a hard time about it? I was just going to stick the stuff in our bags. We cruised Disney 6 years ago, and I honestly cannot remember the boarding process we went through.
  3. When my office does that, I get two grilled chicken fillet's from Chick-Fil-A. If I had the option of Gluten Free pizza (downtown Atlanta), I'd be eating that everytime. There's one place in Rochester NY that I can order pizza from, that I eat everytime we travel back there for holidays etc. I always carry my lunch to work, so for most meetings, lunches etc, i just sit there and eat my brown bag lunch while everyone else eats their take-out.
  4. Interesting. I live in Woodstock. I never gave O'Charlies a second thought, since i grouped them with Applebees, Ruby Teusday's, etc. I always end up at the steakhouses.
  5. See my post from a few weeks ago regarding Disneyworld last month. Big River Grille, in my opinion, wasn't anything to write home about.
  6. We make just regular old white sandwhich bread by The Gluten Free Pantry. We mix the liquid ingredients in a bowl forst, then add it to the bread machine. We have a 2lb, tall machine. It takes about 2 hours 45 minutes to cook. After the initial mixing is done, we scrape the inside oh the bowl, to push down anything that may have stuck to the sides. My wife also substitutes the water, for milk, or half-n-half. On occasion, we take out about a tablespoon before it rises, because it has a tendancy to spill over the top during the final bake. I don't stand over it and watch, but it takes awhile to rise. We cheat it, by killing the cycle about 15 early on a 3 hour bake time. I would say to try again using the entire mix. The first batch we made was a half batch and it didn't come very good.
  7. Looks likes there's a lot of varied opinions on this topic. We have a bread maker, and if it broke tomorrow, we'd be buying a new one. The first batch we made was horrible. I didn't like it at all. So I stuck with Whole Foods frozen sandwhich bread. It was the best of all teh frozen brands I tried. I did that for about 6 months. Then this past spring we tried the bread machine again. Since then, i haven't had a slice of frozen bread except when we went back to NY for vaca, and I had to buy some. The bread maker we have has a glutten free bread mix setting. The bread is great. The one I prefer is the sandwhich bread by the gluten free pantry. It comes in a box that resembles a milk carton. My wife mixes it in a bowl first, tehn dumps it in the machine to let it do it's work. Occasionaly it cooks up over the top of the pan, falling down on the heating coil. So after about 2 hours you have to check it to see how highit is. Sometimes we'll take about a tablespoon out of the mix when we dump it in the maker, and other times we jsut let it go. Our other trick is to end it about 15-20 minutes early. The consistency is perfect at that point. I let it cool, and I slice it all up. I get a weeks worth of sandwhiches out of it. So if you're unhappy with the frozen breads, give the bread maker a try. I was never a fan of homemade bread (the regular type!). Right after i was diagnosed a lady with Celiac told me that I would develope a taste for things I disliked at the early stages. She was right. It's been exactly a year since I was diagnosed.
  8. This was our third trip there in the last 7 years. We went for my now 7 year old that didn't remember anything when we were last there in 2002. We did 6 days, 5 nights. if you're a member of AAA, go into their travel department and talk with them. I would recommend staying on Disney grounds for the convenience of gettign around and the extra park hours you can take advantage of. We stayed late two nights at magic Kingdom and Epcot. The parks were open untill 11pm and midnight. Transportation wise, you can park your car and jump the busses or water taxi's to hop from your resort tot he parks. Or if you preffer to drive (which is quicker) you can park for free by showing them your resort parking pass. Park Hopper is also the way to go. The meal plan is also worth while. Although for 2008, they aren't including gratuity. If your flexible with the time, I recommend the fall. The last two times we visited the last week of August. While a little warm, the crowds weren't bad. This last time (last month) we went during one of our school breaks. We ran into people from our county of residdence that were there too. Crowds were very light, since the rest of the country is back in school (we start back the first week of August each year). And if you're lucky enough to catch a good promotion you might get free dining. Our AAA travel agent told us that for the past two years Disney had offered free dining to guests that stayed during the time we were considering. Sure enogh they ran it again this year. So we ate for free the entire week. We even brought snacks home, and fed my parents a sit down meal one night. The parks are also decorated for the holiday themes depending on the time of year you travel. it was all decked out for Halloween last month. I was there another time between Thanksgivign and X-mas.
  9. Overall, I was very pleased with the way Disney handled my meals. We were there for 6 days in September, staying in a cabin in Fort Wilderness. The kitchen worked great for preparing our own breakfasts. There were 6 of us; mom, dad and 4 little tikes between 2 and 12. I
  10. Just returned from Disney as well. I plan to write up the places we ate at and offer my view as well.
  11. Has anyone used Miracle Whip? My wife made me switch to Hellman's which i don't like as much, esp. since growing up on Miracle Whip. And by the way....Hellman's says Gluten Free on the label, but the jar I bought this past weekend, thats wrapped in a nascar themed wrapping, does not say Gluten Free. So I wonder if it depends on teh printer/promotion in effect, and whetther they put all of the pertinent info on the label. Or maybe these were printed awhile ago. We had actually just noticed a few months ago that Hellmans had that printed on the label.
  12. I've been fine with both the plain and BBQ stax.
  13. Since a few cruise topics jsut popped up, has anyone taken a Carnival Cruise recently? We're booking a 7 day cruise for next April. We'll be on the Triumph, sailing out of miami for the Eastern Carribean.
  14. Thanks for all the information. I email the lady at Disney, and I received several pages of information from her. I haven't printed it yet. If anyone wants a copy of it, let me know and I'll forward it to you. My wife spent two hours on the phone with Disney the other night getting reservations for meals. Something we don't typically do on vacation, but since we have the meal plan, we decided to plan it somewhat. We're exactly two months out, and I don't thnk we got first choice on anything she initially asked for. Everything was booked at the times/days we wanted. They had plenty of available seats at 9:30 pm and later. Unfortunately, it doesn't work good with 4 kids. So, we did get some decent places, but some of the days we're doing the table service meal a little after lunch time, and we'll do the quick service meal for dinner. Oh well. Was probably a little worse now because of the free dinning promotion they ran. Overall, it will probably work out fine. So my advice for those of you with up coming trips, make dinner ereservations early; they can be made up to 180 days in advance. You can always cancel them. After we go, I'll post back with what I found, where I ate, etc. to benefit others that may go in the future.
  15. Where did you order the double hamburger from?
  16. Hi, I know there are several posts already on this board for Disney. We're going in September (mom, dad + 4 boys). I'm the one with celiac (dad). We're staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabin's, and did the dining plan (which we got free due to a Disney promotion). We like having the kitchen when we travel, to prepare our own food when we want/need. We'll be doing breakfsat in our room each day, so I'm not worried about that meal. Lunch and dinner will be in the park. I've read in many places, that WDW is very accomodating to your dietary needs. My questions (and I apologize if they've already been answered/addressed on this board), are as follows. For the "quick service" meals, obviously the walk up counter food. Were you able to get a meal from many of those places? I can't make a meal out of salads and fruit. I'm a burger/fries, sandwhich/chips kind of person. I know how hectic those places are at meal times and how hurried the cashiers/order takers can be, and not really be able to answer my questions adequately. Without doing a ton of research on all of those places, I'd rather know in advance if they are places to be worried about. If that's the case I'll do a little more research and make up a list I can reffer to. But I'd rather not have to think about lunch, as that meal will be much harder to predict for time & location each day. For the sit-down dinner meals, I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to get something to eat. I've read about the chef's coming to your table, etc. to take care of you. Are there any places that stick out in anyones mind as being particulary good/bad? We're visiting the four parks (minus water parks) over 6 days, so we'll be there awhile. Hopefully we're not to far behind the eight ball on that one, as we plan to try and secure reservations this week or next. Thanks in advance for your help, suggestions, comments, etc. Like I said, I know this has probably all been said/written before, but I thought I'd start a new thread to try and draw from some more recent visitors. Daryl
  17. I agree....travelling is a challenge. I've only had to go out of town (business) twice since diagnosed in the last 8 months. I too walked into the dining room with my cereal, which I think were panda puffs! Drinks were easy. The hotels I stay at have the continental breakfasts, so I asked the hostess to see teh ingrediants on the hot items (eggs & meat). One time I could have them, the other time no. Lunch is pretty much fast food...travelling mates are okay with that. Dinner, we always pick a steak house. I load up at the airport with chips and a candy bar, to eat in flight. I also had to travel with my son for three days with his 6th grade class to Jeckyl Island this past March. I called ahead and spoke with the dining manager. They made me my own meals when they could (based on the daily menu), but I brought along all of my own food too. I was the only one to load a cooler and bag of food onto the bus along with my suitcase. The kitchen crew offered me my own shelf in the cooler and for each meal, I excused myself fromt he line (when we were close) and went back into the kitchen to get my own food. I think some of the other adults (and kids) were a little envious of my meals. It does work, but it's a little more of a pain to travel without the whole family thats used to the limitations.
  18. I just flew from Atlanta to Rochester and back two weeks ago. I was able to take yogurt and cookies with me in my carry on luggage. On the return trip i had cold cuts, bread, yogurt and cookies. i wasn't questioned at all. It's a short flight, and i was able to make & eat my meals before we flew, but i was able to get through security with all of that.
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