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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you all so much for writing with your comments- they have really helped! but mostly thanks for taking the time to read that huge! post!! It's good to have others helping to cope!! blessings, Jen
  2. Hello friends- first I must say how inviting and beautiful a thing it is to have found this site! ok, a little about me: I am lactose intolerant, and have Candida and at the moment a kidney infection that feels like it hasn't cleared up with 3 days of meds-still have that lower back pain- gotta call the doc- recently 7 days ago at the doc, they commented that they believe that I more than likely have celiac disease because of the symptoms and otherr issues. I had my gallbladder taken out last year and can't seem to get rid of this candida. I have had that brain fog I've heard many of you speak of, as well as the chronic fatigue and other stomach issues for quite awhile- I believe the doctor and in looking back see that when i have eaten gluten containing foods, i feel horrible after, so i have committed to go on this diet for the next 4 weeks to be clear about it all- I am probably going to do the gene test soon so dieting won't mess it up. I have to say I feel better since going gluten free but the adjustment has been a harrowing one! our house is not yet gluten free- and i don't fully know what that should look like anyway at the moment, but yesterday all i had to eat was... a granny smith apple for breakfast, a couple of handfulls of almonds, lots of water, and 3 hasbrowns for lunch, and a bowl of zuccini with butter for dinner (which seemed to hurt me later) believe me, i like to eat!! and am in no way have a eating disorder but i didn't necessarily feel like i was starving- i just ached- like ummmm what should i eat?, can't eat that, can't eat that... there was just nothing there and not all the right ingredients or the time to go get them, not to mention the cost! the gluten free diet seems like it would be something easier to implement if I didn't have these other issues like the lactose intolerance and the candida, which takes out sugars of all kinds including fruits really, and also yeasts. I am at a bit of a loss i must say- I've always thought i was a pretty healthy person, but now it's staggering to think that this is a life change! I have known I need to change my eating habits! and maybe this is God's way of helping me do it sooner before i develope those deeper worse issues like lupis or leaky gut! I'm hoping to get rid of this candida so that my diet can ease up a bit but like I said I'm at a loss~ today just because I thought I'd go insaine if i ate another can of tuna for a meal- I went to the store and spurged on rice milk, the pure bars, gluten-free cookie mix, rice chips, gluten-free cereal, sugar free taffy, gluten-free semi-sweet chocolate morsels and better n egg beaters- and half of those things, though they are gluten free- which is what i need, contain cane sugar or other sugars, or dairy- I don't even know if i can have those better n egg dealios- and the sugar free things often give me the hersey squirts anyway, i feel like i've been ranting, and i hope i don't sound pitiful, I'm not sorry for myself, i just feel kinda like an alien in this world, standing in front of the small section of the grocery food isle that contains gluten free foods and still finding that I can't eat those- does anyone else have CANDIDA, Celiac disease and Lactose intolerance? if so please give me some ideas for foods! I don't want to starve thanks so much- sorry this is long!
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