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  1. Gooey Butter Cake preheat oven to 350 degrees Bottom Pack of yellow cake mix 18
  2. Thanks- I have already been taking thinners with each pregnancy- except for one. I was onheparin/lovenox injections and then baby aspirin, along with estradiol in oil injections and progesterone in oil injections, it was a TON of shots but worth it.... I'll mention it to my dr next visit anyway ~thanks -also to others- I have had (i think) every lab test under the sun ran for RPL and nothing came back waving the flag- thats the main reason i am so ready to pin the tail on celiac for my losses, no other obvious reason jumping out....we'll start the whole process over soon and see what happens... Thank you for all your support and advice. (hugs) ~Breann
  3. i think this is true also, atleast for me it is as well. i also react faster to smaller amounts of gluten, and it takes longer for larger amounts (i.e. peice of biscuit versus cross contamination). i was glutened by a kiss and my three year old drinking after me (while eating a roll) and was sick around an hour later- however eating a bite of a biscuit- didn't get sick till much later- nearly 12 hours for any symptoms and three days for the havoc to totally settle in- and it took a week to stop feeling bruised in the belly.....strange.... ~breann
  4. def have to agree with Tiffany and Momma goose- if im sick in the bathroom- I'm not in the bed ya know? gotta give an incentive for being good...and just gently walk him through the in's and out when you see him making mistakes - I bought mats to work on and with a sharpie wrote GLUTEN FREE- on them instead of worrying about the cutting boards and such. i also bleach the counter tops after i know he's been around them with crumbs....I have labels in the fridge on two bins do not touch =gluten free only= and warned him that should he touch with glutenous fingers or sandwhich knives little ninja's will come out and spank him!! lol....he's getting better....squeeze bottles are helping too...he even thought about sharing chapstick the other day- i hadn't even thought of that yet! ~breann
  5. Im so sorry for you getting sick. anytime stinks to get sick but in such an important time- is terrible. the same thing happened to me last week- at a dinner with a large group of friends, who are celiac stupid an still think its -just- a bread allergy- 50% of the time and the other 50% (glucose) diabetes. its embarrassing to me when im with them to say to the waitress the celiac spill and blah blah....actually its only embarrassing to me because it seems it is to her. Sorry you got sick. Hope you feel better soon and that your evening continues more smoothly!! Congratulations to your boyfriend! HUGE accomplishment! ~breann
  6. The thank-you was nice and probably knowing you like the restaurant so much and how much you will enjoy it was all they wanted. I have done things like that out of the blue for friends and thats actually when i usally do things for them- it means more that way to me, un-obligated gifting means you were truely thought of in the most sincere form of friendship, in my book anyway. Not inappropriate at all like the old saying goes, its not the gift that counts its the thoughtfulness ~breann
  7. i know- i felt the same way. its awful feeling terrble with no answer and no end in sight. its not that you want this disease, its that you want an answer so that you can feel better NOW. My first endoscopy I didn't fall out either. It was awful. I didn't gag that much though- they sprayed the back of my throat twice so i wouldn't keep gagging...that helped then pushed something in my iv that helped. i fell a sleep right after they said all done. I woke up at home. don't remember a thing in between. I hope your throat feels better, drink something warm. Even if the biopsy comes back negative- i would try the diet just to see how you feel if you haven't already. Give it a few months and see....Did you have positive blood test? ~breann
  8. my son was still pooing 5+ times a day up until about 4-5 months ago. all of them loose. the dr said its normal that toddlers have diarreah like that? Since then is when the spongy airy poo started. also, a weird thing is that when he eats spaghetti- he sometimes poo's it out much like it went in. like partly undigested and saucy to the point it stains the potty orange. tmi- i know...does that happen with celiac? he was also premature, at 36 weeks with breathing problems. my pregnancy with him was very very stressful. i had surgery on my left kidney while pregnant- it wasn't working right then the right side also started to not work, which caused preterm labor at 24 weeks. I held out for 12 weeks on bedrest partly in the hospital and mostly at home....I always thought the pregnancy and being on morphene and percocet had something to do with his screaming- He was severly colicky until around 1 1/2 years old- he still can through a fit but not like then....he would spiral out of control and could scream for HOURS on end and vomit it was awful.... he is so fearful of doctors that i am scared to have any bloodwork taken, it will just be SO traumatic for him. i'll do it, just wanted a way around it if there is one... do normal labs do the genetic testing or just enterolab? thanks.
  9. your sons poo, sounds a lot like my sons. they have never ever been truly formed. they look airy/spongy when they are 'formed' and float around a lot of the time. like i posted previously they are typically light in color and loose more often than spongy. my son also has sleeping issues. i'll see if we can do the gene testing, is that a good idea? ~breann
  10. My son needs to be tested for Celiac. I tested + a few months back. Which is the most reliable, accurate and painless way to go about it for toddlers. I am not going the biopsy route with him. He has already had an endoscopy when he was one year old, not checking for celiac though. he has some symptoms. mostly though they are sporadic. he has diareah, floating stools and pale- tan stools more often pale than not. He is on the thin side and the lower percentile of weight,- but my husband and I are both slim as well, especially me. He had moderate/severe GERD as a infant and up until 2 years old. He is still in therapy from the food aversion he aqquired during that period. according to three different OT/PT he has sensory integration disorder also. his reflux took a horrific turn around the time we introduced cereal which now has my suspicions raised to celiac possibly being the reason. he was always crying and screaming after feeds then finally refusing to eat and loosing weight until pumping him full of meds and withdrawing foods and going back to strictly nursing until close to a year- then reintroducing yogurts and fruits, veggies but no cereals. the ped suggested a stool test to begin with- but thought there was NO stool test for celiac other than the enterolab one- is this just an indicator test to point to celiac, but not diagnostic? thanks in advance ~breann
  11. thanks for the reply. i tried clomid too, and suprisingly didn't thin my lining at all neither did the letrozole, but the progesterone was better on letrozole than clomid. and no where near the side effects of clomid on the let. the injectables i will have to check on- i would think they would refine down to a molecular level of just the hormone, where gluten wouldn't be present but i could be wrong....hopefully thats the case... take care! ~breann
  12. VERY interesting....everytime i think im getting a grip on understanding celiac- a hairpin turn is around the bend- im sure the medical field feels the same way, wait celiac isn't even on their radar....if it was there would be way way more scientific understanding of this disease.... thanks for the good read ~breann
  13. you need to flush clean, and without the liquid you might not get it all out. I did the osmo prep- which allowed me to drink every 15 minutes whatever liquid i wanted with four tabs of osmoprep. it was hard but i just did it. your gonna feel like crap- no matter what prep you do in my opinion. i have done three bowel preps. the osmo prep was the easiest as far as consumption but they all had the same effect.... ~breann
  14. We have undergone two cycles of IVF= plus two of the same drugs with IUI all before gluten free. Now- We are planning to cycle again soon- thinking early spring- which has me wondering if the drugs are gluten free or not. I will be on a mix of follistim and gonal-F with repronex. my trigger is generic hCG- ovidril. the progesterone is in sesame oil i think and the estrogen is the patch Vivelle Bravo- unless its switched to Estrogen in Oil like our previous cycles, and of course the worst of them all Lupron. and the bcp- don't have a brand yet. reading the labels on most of them are like reading another language! thanks in advance ~breann
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