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  1. Well that IS sad! I will have to take a peek around and find out if there is a different choccie bar to use I'm so glad i checked! thank you for the info! Keri
  2. Yup it looks delicious! I'll post once I know it's for sure gluten-free.....then you can enjoy too
  3. Hi Everybody, I've looked around for this info but does anybody know if Mars Bars are gluten-free in Canada? I know they are in the U.K. but I'm not sure about here. A friend just passed on a great recipe for rice crispy squares made with melted Mars and i REALLY want to try Thanks!!! Keri
  4. I'm so pleased to have come across this forum, you guys have some great advice I wondered about folic acid actually. It's comforting to hear that other people have had issues with hair loss. It doesn't show right now but I can feel it.....my hair is very thick, long and dark brown....I'm getting a little paranoid about it.... I will defeinitely check those things out when I am able. Actually I was thinking of seeing my friends naturopath to see if she has any ideas. I have coverage for that through work. Has anybody else tried nautropathy?
  5. Thank you Guhlia....that does make sense. I've been looking at the forums and seen that people were looking for gluten free shampoo and I wondered why if it doesn't cause skin or hair issues. I never thought about the fact that you may ingest some. I've been gluten free for about a month now but am still learning on the go (as this shows!!!!). I have no diagnosis right now.....I've recently moved to Canada and am having Visa issues so I dont have health care (which means I can't afford to get tested)....so I figured that making myself feel better was more important than keeping gluten in my diet until i could get tested......I have no idea if I have celiac disease or if I ma 'just' intollerant but right now i'm not sure it makes much difference. If going gluten free helps it's positive right? As you can see i'm a little conflicted!!
  6. I just checked both shampoos that I have been using recently and they both have 'wheat amino complex' in them......
  7. So here's the thing.....all my life I've had issues with feeling bloated and sick at random times and never really thought much about it. About 18 months ago it got to the point where it was making me miserable. I was bloated all the time, I could put my hand on my tummy and feel it sloshing around, I have constant headaches, my skin was terrible, I was tired etc etc and I could always trace it back to something with wheat in it. So since then I've played around with being gluten free and, when I was able to stick to it, it worked. But life got in the way and I wasn't consistent enough. So most recently I've been feeling worse than ever. To cap it all I'm convinced my hair is thinng. Like I shower and i wind up with clumps......one night I stood there and counted it. 130 hairs in one combing. So about a month ago i decided to commit and I've been as gluten free as I can be while i'm learning. i got caught by Kellogs rice crispy squares and a drink from england called 'ovaltine' but apart from that it's been great...and I'm doing better. Apart from the hair thing. So reading some of these posts I've noticed (and stupidly enough didn't realise) that shampoo has gluten in it. Could this be making my hair come out? Could this be why my neck itches after evey shower? Sorry to be so wordy but I could use some help!!!!!!!!
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