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  1. I have only recently been diagnosed with Celiac, but I continue to struggle with the diet and with the concept of the disease because I am asymtomatic to it. I have stomach acidicy issues and have been medicated for those for about 7 years now. 2 years ago my doctor decided to perform some additional test because even on the medicine I have bouts of D once or twice a month depending on how healthy my diet is, the more sugar and junk the more likely a bout. after performing both blood test and biopsy, I was diagnosed with Celiac. I then went to a support group and learned more from the people there just how severe it is for most people. I met 1 woman there who was fairly aysmtomatic as well, she would have small or no problems after eating something she shouldnt, but it could take days making it hard to track down what caused it. My dilema is 2 fold, 1 being that i have a much more clear understanding of the disease and the damage it is causing my system now than i did when diagnosed and I am trying to convert to a gluten free life. but even while trying to becareful i can be eating things i am not suppose to and not know it, so how can i tell? the second dilema that I dont have a lot of support from friends and family, most dont understand what I am going thru, and since i dont get ill from eating gluten foods, they dont see the point in following the diet. Guess what I am seeking is knowing how common it is to be asymptomatic? how do other who are cope? are their ways for me to tell if I have eaten foods I shouldnt because I want to be free now that I know my long term health risks.
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