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  1. There is a lot of information- I just printed a page to give teachers on www.csaceliacs.org/schoolmaterial Purchase gluten free playdough for the whole class at www.discountschoolsupply.com Scroll through the message board a little more and there are a lot of other ideas on how to prepare for school- It isn't that hard if you have very knowledgable teachers that require a lot of handwashing, with gluten-free soap. My DD is starting kinder this year and has been diagnosed for a year. She did great in preschool- she had her own snack sack in the classroom and I trained her to wash her hands before everything. Birthday parties are hard BUT freeze gluten-free cupcakes ask if they can be kept at school, then she is covered. There is also a great children's book called Eating gluten-free with Emily. It is fabulous and I am going to read it to my daughters class this year. Hope that gives you a start! Theresa
  2. Thanks so much! We aren't big into restaurants-but thanks- I am glad to hear of Fred Meyers and The Natural Pantry!
  3. Has anyone traveled or is from Anchorage? I am taking my celiac 5 year old and wanted to know where to shop for gluten-free stuff when I get there? I am covered for the plane ride but we are traveling to Seward and doing all the fun touristy things. I am hoping to just go shopping when we get there rather than packing a extra suitcase with food- Any ideas or names of markets/ resta/grocery places that I need to find? Thanks Thank goodness she likes fish! Theresa
  4. We are traveling by plane for the first time with our 5 year old twins. I haven't been in an airport in probably 3 years and don't know if I need to pack a backpack with dinner and snacks for my DD?? I know the airport will be scary to find anything but candy for her- If I pack the backpack, will security let me bring it?? That is my biggest question. We are taking the 5:30pm flight (so we will be there from 3:30) and we land 7 hours later! We are flying Continental. Any advice is greatly appreciated- PS- do I bother contacting the airlines if I am bringing all my own stuff for her??? Thanks-
  5. Don't forget to send gluten-free playdough----My 4 year old didn't eat the school playdough but had it on her hands and forgot to wash before she ate her gluten-free lunch at preschool. You can get it at discountschoolsupply.com I sent a list of foods that are safe and unsafe to the teachers to keep in the classroom. My daughter also has her Gluten- Free Snack Sack (thanks to the book Eating Gluten-free with Emily-- GREAT CHILDREN"S BOOK). It is a tupperware that we keep non-perishable snacks in. The teachers let her go to get whatever she wants at snack time, so I don't have to pack a snack everyday. I explained that it is treated like a peanut allergy- we are just lucky to not need epi-pens. Good luck Theresa
  6. My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed this last summer with celiac and I LOVE this message board. BUT I am sooooooo confused on the abbreviations for everything- is there a legend somewhere that I am missing??? I am a teacher too and have abbreviations for everything but I can't figure these out??? I feel so ignorant! Diagnosed daughter (DD)??? Diagnosed son(DS)?? DX???(diagnosed ex-husband???) Thanks
  7. My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed 3 months ago and so far has gained 7 pounds and grown 2 1/2 inches eating gluten free. We know we are doing something right with the diet BUT I have all these ingredient lists that are contradicting each other? The Living Gluten Free for Dummies by Danna Korn, published in 2006, has a list that says vanilla, maltodextrin, caramel color and others are OK. The list from the Texas Children's Hospital says those are questionable. We haven't allowed her to have anything with those ingredients BUT it would be easier and cheaper if we did! Mrs. butterworths versus real maple syrup, cheetos versus tortilla chips etc... Any idea if there is a list that is a true compilation of ingredients that are safe???? Thanks- I find great info from you guys! Theresa in Texas
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