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  1. Treetops in the Boston area (not the city itself) advertises itself as being able to provide a gluten free breakfast. http://www.treetopsboston.com/ http://treetopsboston.com/_wsn/page3.html
  2. This is happening to me too. But I can't find the options link that someone referred to, or an e-mail address to e-mail anyone for help.
  3. I don't have info about Fenway itself but there are a couple of places I can recommend in the area. Burtons Grill has a very nice gluten free menu. There is also U-Burger in Kenmore Square -- a very casual hamburger place, you can get the burger without the bun; per the owner, the fries are gluten free.
  4. The Cambridgeside Galleria Food Court has an Au Bon Pain. Their website lists the ingredients of their food; I am pretty sure that she can get a salad there. The Burlington Mall has a Chik-fil-a. They also have their gluten free foods listed on their website. Their fries are reportedly gluten free. (Only issue is they are closed on Sundays.) My daughter went to a party at the Hard Rock Cafe a couple of years ago. At that time, they told me that their fries and burgers (without buns) were gluten free. I would call the restaurant in advance to confirm this is still the case; they were very accommodating at the time. Wagamama is a good option for Quincy Market, if she likes Asian style food. Do you know where you will be staying? A lot of the supermarkets around here (particularly Trader Joes and Whole Foods) carry gluten free foods. It sounds as if a number of the locations you are going to (including the Museum of Science, Quincy Market, the Food Courts) would allow you to bring your own food. The Whole Foods near us has gluten free sushi and keeps the salad bar very clean, so we are able to get salads from the salad bar at times. You might be able to pick up food for some lunches and bring it with you. Also, when we travel, we bring packages of crackers and small containers of peanut butter (sold by Jiff I believe). This is a good back up for a meal if you don't feel comfortable with the choices where you are. As others have mentioned, Unos has gluten free pizza, as does Stone Hearth pizza -- I don't know if you will be near any of their locations. Also, b. Good is another "healthy" fast food place with clear information about gluten free items (they are in Brookline, Newbury St. and I think in Cambridge.) If you let us know where you are staying, I can try to think of additional places where you might be able to pick up food to take with. I'd make sure to bring extra snacks, crackers, protein bars, dried fruit or fruit leathers, etc. with you. You will be able to pick up yogurt, dairy products, etc. anywhere to supplement. We have also sometimes brought a loaf of bread with us -- Pamela's stays fresh for a few days after baking. This way, she can eat something back in the hotel room if necessary. In my experience, teens don't want to leave the group to go to an entirely different restaurant -- they will say they aren't hungry instead. I think we have to respect that -- recognize that they might not have a nutritious few days -- and just make sure that they don't go hungry. Also, you don't mention breakfasts. Will there be a breakfast buffet? I usually bring some muffins with us, as well as instant breakfast packs, and gluten free cereal. If hotels are making eggs, you can usually ask for plain eggs to be made in a separate apn. Good luck! Rochelle
  5. We went to the Needham location this weekend and really enjoyed it. They have a number of salads that are gluten free as well. Also, although it isn't marked on the menu, I e-mailed the owner to ask if the chicken that you can get as an add on to the salad is gluten free, and he responded that it was. They have locations in Needham, Belmont, and Cambridge (Porter Square) (all close suburbs of Boston, for those of you from out of town.)
  6. We will be in Breckenridge Colorado over Christmas break and are looking for suggestions for gluten free friendly restaurants, preferably those that would be appropriate for teens as well. We already know about Mi Casa, and have a number of suggestions for Denver itself. Thanks!
  7. See this blog, http://glutenfreelondon.blogspot.com/, for more suggestions.
  8. Here is one arepa recipe: http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/2008/04/arepas.html Or, just try googling it. Good luck!
  9. What about Arepas -- do you have those ingredients in Chile? I made some and it did not require any xanthum gum. The basic "flour" is Masaharina (corm based).
  10. Hi -- what do you order at Clydes in Georgetown? Thanks, Rochelle
  11. We've been to the Newton Corner location a few times (Newton, Massachusetts), and they have been very helpful -- the manager seems very on top of things. According to the manager, at least at that location, they put the sauces on the meats after they are grilled, so my daughter was able to have grilled chicken with salad. Another time she had the mozzarella tomato salad (although she asked for olives instead of tomatoes). The manager was quite proactive about checking things such as whether the spices used on the olives were safe.
  12. Jakes Dixie Roadhouse in Waltham has a gluten free menu, and they also cater -- but I don't know if they can cater using the gluten free menu! Elephant Walk also has a gluten free menu, as does Legal Seafoods, again, I don't know if they cater events.
  13. My understanding is that the Hershey's chocolate syrup is gluten free. However, at least as of a year ago, Hershey STOPPED saying that they disclosed all gluten, and started saying that they could not say whether the natural flavors in their products were derived from rye/barley/oats (my main concern would be barley, since they are required by law to disclose wheat, and I have never heard of rye or oats being a source of natural flavors. However barley, although unlikely to be in natural flavors without being disclosed, can be a source of natural flavors). There are a few items with natural flavors that they have verified as gluten free (e.g., as of last time I called, this included kisses and chocolate bars). Nestles, on the other hand, is still a company that labels for all gluten, not just wheat.
  14. I buy and love both -- to me, they taste and look identical. My understanding had been that the TJ gluten free granola IS Bakery on Main granola under the TJ private label. I like the Cranberry Maple one -- I mix it with Brown Cow plain fat free yogurt, and sprinkle some ground flax seeds on top for extra fiber and nutrition.
  15. We did the exact same trip last year! In the Grand Canyon, we ate dinner at the Bright Angel Restaurant -- I think my daughter had a salad with chicken -- the kitchen broiled it instead of grilling it to avoid cc. We brought our own salad dressing. I think that the ice cream in the ice cream store is Dreyers, which has many gluten free flavors. I think that the upscale restaurant at the Grand Canyon can also accommodate gluten free, but the menu wasn't appealing to our kids. In Williams, we ate at Rod's Steak House. We stocked up on groceries for the camping trip in Las Vegas -- I think we went to a Wild Oats there. There is a grocery in the Canyon as well, but it doesn't have the full range of options that you'll find in LV. There is an In and Out burger in Las Vega and also in Kingman Arizona (in between LV and the Grand Canyon). That was a great success. There is also a Dairy Queen en route (I think in Kingman) -- ice cream there is gluten free. Check our blog, glutenfreediscoveries.blogspot.com -- I have a write up on our trip to the Grand Canyon, and also information about what we took backpacking. Have fun!
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