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  1. I was wondering if the symptoms of celiac come on gradually or all at once? Approximately 1 year ago I started to notice a connection between eating pasta and the discomfort and reaction to the food (similar to the stomach-flu) within 20-30 minutes of eating pasta. I have also noticed that occasionally after eating some bread products (wheat bread, homemade pizza, etc.), I have the same symptoms. Does this make sense? Did anyone else experience these symptoms? Did the intolerace for gluten come at once or gradually? Also, when I mentioned the food concerns to my family doctor, he said that I should be losing weight if I really had celiac and told me to look at the WebMD website. Do people lose or gain weight with celiac? Or both? One more question...What type of doctor would possibly specialize in celiac? (Should I go to my family doctor or would seeing a gastroenterologist be more beneficial?) Thanks for answering all of my questions. I really appreciate it! P.S. Any advice is helpful--I am searching for answers.
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