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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi Kate, I'm a 27 year old vegetarian coeliac living in Milton Keynes, 40 miles north of London. I'm writing a book on coeliac disease now. I highly recommend fresh foods, cooking from scratch etc... Always handy to have gluten free foods on standby but it really is easier to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle if you are prepared to take a different view on what you cook... Emma
  3. The manufacturers do warn that there may be a risk of cross contamination so please please bear that in mind! I cut it out completely but have just reintroduced it today. The level of risk, I'm guessing here, will probably depend on the particular factory it is made in because other Quorn products do have gluten in them and as of yet they do not have a seperate production line. It IS delicious and very easy to use as a meat substitute but go carefully... I'd love for you to answer my case study questions for the book? I'll email you back
  4. Would you be interested in contributing to my book? Means answering around 12 questions, you'll have your own page possibly with a small photograph of you but definately with your name. I think it would really help, you are a perfect candidate for the book... My email is darklightsnapshot@yahoo.co.uk
  5. Wow, Thank You I will refer back to this as and when-it's a bit too much to absorb in one hit! Are you vegetarian?
  6. Thank You, that is a good point about the gluten-free diet not cutting into our proptein quota's too harshly, you are right-the main issue is with vegetarian 'meats' which onvariably have wheat in them. Quorn doesn't -well, the plain Quorn is gluten-free but it is made on the same factory as the glutened products so there could be contamination issues...
  7. Hi, Do you think your daughter would answer some questions for my book? there are 12 I think, about health before gluten free, best advice, favourite foods etc... I am including some case studies to enable readers to realise that you can be vegetarian and gluten free and there are others out there who are doing it. I will be including a childrens chapter-for parents mainly but maybe you you tell me what information you think would be most valuable fpr parents pf gluten free vegetarians? I'd love some input if you and or your daughter would be willing? My email address is darklightsnapshot@yahoo.co.uk Emma
  8. Thank You, I hadn't heard of Vegsource. I'll look today
  9. Hi Alicia, Thank you for that, I don't use quinoa as much as I should-my boyfriend hates it, says its like eating ants eggs! I love seeds though. I'm writing a book for vegetarian gluten free folk like us, would you be interested in contributing? means answering around 12 questions about previous health, good advoce, bad advice etc and it woulld feature in my book alongside around 8 others... If you would be interested I'd be thrilled to email you the questions. My email is darklightsnapshot@yahoo.co.uk
  10. As a vegetarian the dietary advice I have been given repeatedly has been terrible. Either I've been told to eat meat which is very offensive or I've been told to fill myself up with processed rubbish food because it's gluten free. At my last dietician meeting I tried to get some concrete advice on food combining and on the protein requirements for a vegetarian and I was given a formula that told me how much protein was in three slices of meat! I would like to see some pro active campaigning for better nutritional advice for all Coeliacs or Gluten Free diet followers based on simple, fresh foods. With immune systems that are already impaired loading ourselves up with sugars and refined carbohydrates is not healthy. I would also like to see some excellent and supportive nutritional advice for vegetarians on a Gluten Free diet.
  11. Amazing Thank You. I'm in the UK though The products on the site look tasty, how are the sandwiches? Hmmm, seems better than the Uk... Are they any good? Uncrustables? What are they? I'm in the Uk and not heard of them...
  12. Hello everyone, I was just wondering wether or not anyone knows of anywhere that stocks, makes or sells ready made gluten free sandwiches? I'm sure there is a huge gap in the market for this, I'm trying to remedy that but I can't until I know the current availability. I don't know about anyone else here but I'm forever faced with the dilema of eating rubbish or eating nothing if we stop in a service station...
  13. It's fabulous that despite going gluten-free you are going/have gone vegetarian! Well done you two! I'll keep you posted on the book front.... In my book I am trying to champion the cause of wholefoods and cooking from scratch, I want to make ot more atainable. and less scary. Show how easy it is to make a breakfast cereal for example. I will also be showing people how to make 'quick' meals with some of the pre made veg options out there because a lot of people will still go that route... I've just finished writing about related illnesses in some detail but had not included hypoglaceamia or soy allergy-I will rewrite and include those thank you Ok my recipe section will include plenty of all of these options and there will be no refined sugar to be seen in my recipes!
  14. Hi Monica, I'm with you totally on the vegetarian front! Thank you for this list of products, I'm going to contact the manufacturers this week about inclusion in my book. Thanks for the support! I'm sure I'll be popping up in here fairly often now with questions for the book... Emma Why is that? could be helpful for the book to understand why people avoid restaurants and pre made products... Much healthier to only eat fresh... I may pm you randomly over the next few months Thank You
  15. Amazing! well well! I've had a great response to my book, the Vegetarian society (uk) are really being supportive (they're going to endorse the book) and when the book is done they'll run competitions to win the book, press releases and articles in publications and online. Quite a few Coeliac organisations are ready to take the book on and sell it online too. I TOTALLY understand your book frustration-is why this book is onn its way! I'm including everything in my book, right from what coeliac disease is, how it affects us, symptoms, diagnosis, related illnesses, emotional aspect, contacting organisations and forums, sources of information, real stories, vegetarian convictions and a gluten free diet, gluten free (and some casein free) vegetarian recipes, lifestyle tips (like what to stock in the cupboard, what to look for when shopping etc) hidden poisons, eating out (where to go, what to ask and what to expect), helpful links, glossary of terms and a holistic therapy chapter too. Do you think there is anything else that would be valuable to readers in our situation? Being this close to the writing I sometimes think I might be missing out something that would help people... Be great if you could name me some of your favourite gluten-free vegetarian products. I'm contacting companies to send me products to review. I'll be really honest about what is edible, what isn't and what is delicious! I've only contacted uk companies so far but I want the book to be helpful and successful in America and Europe too... Thanks for your reply!
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