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  1. Just wanted to let you know that my 10 year old had a terrible experience with her biopsy just last May! The IV was the easy part. When I went back to the operating room with her they gave her the gas mask and she kept reaching out for me with her wide-open scared beautiful blue eyes. It was the most painful image in my mind. Recovery was awful. She had this awful stench and the nurse just said she was passing gas from the gas they gave her. Well no, she had actually pooped a bit in her panties and then she began to vomit several times. They had to give her a supository before we could take her home and she still vomitted in the car! Doctor said that everything looked great could not see any signs of damaged villi in the small intestine. ..... Days later results came back positive..... in fact advanced celiac disease, villi were totally atrophed. Kathryn has always been very petite. She is about the size of a six year old and she is in the 5th grade. Since starting the gluten free diet, she has started to grow. Endicronologist has not ruled out growth hormone deficiency. We go back to MUSC Children's hospital this week for a follow up. Finding out last May felt like mourning the loss of a lost one. We were all in shock for a couple of weeks, but we've come to grip with it and Kathryn is such a trooper. Birthday parties, class parties and sleepovers are a little hard. She handles them better than me. I just try to send something she can eat too!! Hang in there. It is manageable!!!!
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