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  1. I am embarrassed to post this but I misread the 1/2 cup butter to be 1/4 cup. My, are they dry . I'd blame it on my son who was helping me, but I took the butter out hours earlier on my own to soften. Well, duh.
  2. I mixed the batter for the chocolate chip cookies on the Pamela's baking mix and it was SOO dry I had to add some water and some oil to them to even be able to mold them. Did anyone else find this. I haven't eaten any yet, they are baking right now.
  3. Thanks. I think I am going to add gluten back in in small amounts and then after the holidays have the blood test done. I do definitely feel better, I know, because I am kind of dreading going back on the gluten so I think I feel better than I realized. This is SO confusing.
  4. Your Elf Name Is... Fuzzy Slave O' Santa What's Your Elf Name? http://www.blogthings.com ummm , I'm sure my hubby would like that one, though. Too cute!
  5. Well I went gluten free because my integrative doctor and the nutritionist both feel that I possibly have a wheat intolerance. My doctor feels I am more of a leaky gut candidate and I have taken a Mallitol challenge test for that but don't have the results yet. Before even knowing any of this, I knew that eating any whole wheat products caused my stomach and bowels severe pain at times. However, so do other foods like spinach and cauliflauer and peppers, spicy type stuff as well as whole milk. Cheese I could generally tolerate without too much of a problem. So I am wondering at this point if I just don't have a weak stomach for some reason and can tolerate small amounts of some foods. I challenged myself to see what my problem foods were, knowing for sure that milk and wheat were two of them. I don't know what this makes me. I am more confused than ever. Oh yeah, we have a really strong family history of neurologic type problems so that is what really makes me suspect of wheat. I am not well enough to undergo elective surgery because of an autonomic dysfunction which affects my body's ability to regulate temperature and blood pressure, so I can't have the biopsy. My son tested negative for celiac (he has bad stomach pain with whole wheat too but can tolerate white breads). I started the diet and now don't really want to stray off of it to have the celiac blood test done.
  6. I have been gluten free for about a month now. I forgot to speak to my pastor about an alternative to bread for communion so I was in church and decided that was as good a time as any to 'add it back in' to see what happened - and nothing did. Other things have been bothering me, including cheese/dairy - which I added back in and then took back out last week. Should I keep eating gluten to see how I feel? Do you think the amount was just too small to really affect me? It was a pretty good chunk of bread he handed me but nothing like the amount of gluten I used to ingest. I'm a bit confused. And in the past, white breads and rolls in moderation didn't do much to me, but lots of pasta or whole wheat products usually did me in. For the record, I do feel better off of the gluten in general, so I have noticed a difference -but since I was gluten and dairy free I'm toying with the possibility that it could be more of a dairy issue with me? I am really confused right now.
  7. That's really interesting because there are some of the chicken and turkey noodles that I couldn't eat before, either, causing D. I can handle the Manhattan clam chowder, though. Thanks.
  8. I have been gluten-free and milk/casin free for a few weeks now. I wasn't feeling well this week and didn't keep up on my grocery shopping. I went into the pantry and found Progresso Split Pea soup and the only allergen it listed was soy, although it said it contained hydrolized corn gluten (which I thought would be safe). Only, immediately after eating it the stomach cramps started then they passed a little, I tried to go out with my family and they had to take me home, I had diarrhea, then slept two hours. Stomach is still funny this morning. I have eaten peas and ham separately (although the fattiness of the ham sometimes doesn't agree with me but usually not that violently). What could it be? Anyone else.
  9. I am near Philly and I bought two boxes and I think they are yummy (Just had some for lunch). Stock up. I am!
  10. Thanks. We didn't get a call back from the doctor today so the results must not be in. Hopefully tomorrow. Ryan is my son, he is 7, and he did not do well at all with the blood test. He is a kid that doesn't like to be fussed with at all and he wanted no parts of the needle. My husband finally had to hold him down, which we didn't want to do at all. I figured out my sugar intolerance by my symptoms when I ate sugar and my nutritionist said that it was a food I was intolerant (which I knew to begin with). I would get really edgy, shaky, lightheaded, palpitations, then fatigued and sometimes achy, as well. But now that I think about it, the only time I ate sugar, I was probably eating a lot of gluten with it, so, maybe it's really just gluten?
  11. Ryan had his blood drawn Thurs and the doctor said to call for results today. I spoke to the nurse and she pulled them up in the computer. She said the CBC was normal, but she couldn't see the other tests because sometimes they don't make them available until the doctor releases them. So I have been patiently waiting for the dr to call back (okay impatiently). Do you think that because the doctor didn't release them that means anything? I know I need to chill. I don't even know what I hope at this point. Talk me down someone.
  12. Um they were kellogg's rice crispy treats. Obviously I glutened myself without knowing it. I thought I was just lactosing myself. Either way, they were part of my learning curb and are out the window, but thanks for that info. And for Pete's sake, why wheat in rice crispy treats!
  13. I am a week into my gluten free diet too. I have noticed that I feel better when I am sticking with chicken, fish, potatoes, veggies, apples or applesauce - a very bland diet! I actually think I glutened myself over the weekend or some of the gluten-free stuff I baked is not agreeing with me. My nutritionist advised me to do a hunter-gatherer diet for two weeks to a month at least to clean out my system, and I am going to try my darndest to stick to it although it can be very boring. Good luck and I hope we see some real results soon. I actually have noticed my bowels are much more quiet and less gassy overall so I hope that happens for you soon too. Oh yeah, I am lactose intolerant and I have gone completely lactose/casein free although I have been 'lactosed' a few times accidentally (rice crispy treats for one).
  14. ETA: I am meaning the severe glutening incidents I am reading about on the board. I have only been gluten free for 8 days now. I was just wondering if there are some people who when they accidentally get glutened can feel it but it's not a major crisis usually?
  15. We had Ryan blood tested last week and the results should be in tomorrow. I have to say that over the course of his life - he seems healthier now than he has been. His asthma is well under control, his allergy symptoms are there, he is complaining way less about belly aches and leg pains and in general is having a good time of things right now. I haven't given him any more whole wheat products, which is what was given him the severe stomach pain, and I'm thinking I should have. Did it make a difference when you were tested or others in your family were tested? Thanks. It would just be so nice to know for sure one way or the other, and I'm praying if it is celiac it would show up because my husband is not being very accepting at this point.
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