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  1. Lisa - THANK YOU for your Grandfather's Italian Cheese Cake recipe!! My daughter recently celebrated her 12th birthday & decided she wanted cheesecake instead of regular cake. Of her best friends, one is on a gluten free diet and one is allergic to nuts, so I was thrilled to find your recipe which had no crust at all! Luckily no one in her group of friends has any dairy issues We tried it out - but I put the batter into two round cake pans, since I didn't know if the 10 cups I ended up with would fit into one springform pan!! The cheesecakes did shrink down after cooling, so I wonder if I worried for nothing? I also wondered - having never had a ricotta cheesecake before - is there something I should have done to make a creamier texture? It wasn't unpleasant, just different from what I have had before. Again, thanks for the recipe - I think we've found a new family favorite! Liz
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