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  1. I did like the seminar. The food was above my expectations, since I knew he is a vegetarian. He had turkey and fish available for us for dinner. His lectures were excellent, and his guest speakers were interesting and informative as well. I had already met Dr. Fine when he came to Virginia to speak about 3 years ago. I have a good impression of him.
  2. Dr. Fine talked about what he eats on a day to day basis in one of his lectures at his Dallas seminar that was held in March. It's on the DVD you can buy (see www.intestinalhealth.org). I'll try to go back and find it on my DVD so that I can tell you. I can't remember right off which lecture it was (he gave many lectures).
  3. I have Dr. Fine's DVD I also went to his conference in March. The DVD is very good. It has all of Dr. Fine' lectures from the conference as well as the guest speakers' lectures. Dr. Fine's musical performances are also included. In several of Dr. Fine's lectures, he focuses on nutrition as well as the 10 steps to finerhealth.
  4. How was Dr. Fine's talk? Did he mention his research publication?
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