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  1. I have been feeling exactly the same as when I started the Gluten Free Diet. The thing is, though, I was never tested. I have all of the usual symptoms - C and I just experienced a very painful D episode (only one since I started the diet but I usually had D once every other week or so), bloated and always full of gas, usually painfu, thinning hair, swelling of the intestines, a few psychological issues but not life changing. So, I figured just try the diet and if it works stick with it instead of going through all the testing and money. I have been gluten free for a week and for the first few days I actually thought I was feeling a lot better...not as much gas but still a good amount, I was still constipated but my gas was less and that is my major problem - so I was pretty excited. I just figured the gas would decrease as I go further without gluten. Then I started feeling sick again, painful gas, stomach aches, still slightly constipated. SO I thought about it, what could be making me sick? I may have been glutened, I ordered chilli one night at a restaurant, that may have had gluten. However, I realized that I am still eating milk products (which milk and butter never made me really sick but Yogurt and Icecream will put me in the bathroom for hours until I am empty) so I cut them out a day or two ago. I am still sick and I just got a major painful D episode. I did have icecream today, but it was lactose free icecream. I was very careful all day as to not eating gluten or lactose, everything was gluten and lactose free. I know it takes time for people to heal, but what caused me to get painful D when I was gluten free. I had gluten free waffles and syrup, then applesauce. Later I made gluten free bread and had a sandwich - everything was gluten free. Then what had to have made me sick was either a little bit of lactose free ice cream or the gluten free spaghetti with hamburger in it. Could the ground beef have gluten? Could I not even be gluten intollerant? Am I wasting my time? I really do not understand. Maybe I ate gluten at some point today but could a little amount affect me so much after only a week of being off of it? Does anyone recomend I stick with the diet? Are my symptoms possibly coming from something else besides Gluten that I have not thought of? I have been Diagnosed with IBS after a Barium Enema showed no problems a year ago but that is it. Could I be allergic to a lot of other things besides gluten and lactose? Could it be soy? How do you test for that? Allergist? I just would love to have less gas, have a regular bowel movement daily, and no more painful painful painful D. I would love to feel normal, I would love to be able to go out with my friends and not worry about if I may be sick or not tonight. It is devistating my life and I need answers. I know everyone understands my frustration. What do you think? Stick with it?
  2. Just a quick question. Why is it important not to use Gluten Shampoo? How does it effect my intestine when I am washing my hair with it? Can I really just some how catch a few gluten proteins by either crumbs, or beer in my boyfriends mouth, and it cause damage? I have room mates - so it is going to be challenging enough to keep somethings gluten free. So how much should I stress out about a little contamination say on the couch or counter?
  3. I have decided to just try the gluten free diet and give it time to see if I feel better. Given all the responses and all the success stories it makes a lot more sense to me now just to start cutting gluten out of my diet. I talked to my health food store manager and he was a great help. Said that wheat in general is hard on the stomach so either way I am benefiting. This website is a great great help, I would be lost without it. So far I have been (as far as I know) gluten free for a few days. I am still getting gas, but it is actually not nearly as bad as it was, but still bad enough. For a while I am staying clear of milk products also. Does anyone have any suggestions for someone just starting out on the diet? Oh, I am also taking Enzymes that helps gas. Hopefully that helps also. Are there any really sneaky ingrediants that I may be missing on the lables, any hidden flavorings or anything? I am pretty sure I have a good handle on it, but I may be wrong. Again, thank you to everyone who was so informational throughout my last two posts. I hope this improves my life and I will keep everyone posted on my progress and post any questions I may have throughout the diet. Oh I found the gluten-free menu for Outback, that made me happy Sarah
  4. My friends mother is a medical transcriptionist, so she writes down all the medical records for the hospital and has never heard of Celiac Disease or being Gluten Intolerant. Why did my doctor after hearing my symptoms just say IBS, why didn't she mention the other possible things like gluten intolerance? Is it really that unknown to the world of medicine? If I went to a natural healer would they know more about it than a doctor because it is not cured with medicine, just with a diet change? I have two relatives who have severe stomach problems, are bald (now wearing wigs) and were once obese and both have had a gastric bipass to lose weight. Could they just simply be suffering from Celiac Disease? They are my grandmother and aunt, and it is a genetic disease correct? I am not sure if I even have a gluten intolerance, but I am guessing I do, considering my symptoms and responses to my earlier post; but if I do my family might have it too right? What are everyones thoughts? Why wasn't I informed of this by a doctor? I was informed by my mom who saw something on TV...
  5. That is really what I needed to hear. I keep reading about people eating only certain things that cause problems but really I feel like everything is problematic - EVERYTHING. I know everyone says just omit gluten from my diet and see if that is the problem, but you are also telling me that it may take up to 6 months to feel better. I know there are false negatives but I am going to be tested anyway. After the test I will go gluten free, even after a negative result. Again, thank you all for your input! You may have made my life better! Oh another question if anyone can answer, if all of these doctors keep saying you have IBS why don't they test for Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance? Why is it so unknown in the doctor world? Why don't doctors recognize that most IBS symptoms may point to gluten intolerance?
  6. I really appreciate everyones input. I have decided that I am going to get the tests done. I will keep posting my questions and concerns - this place is great. I am almost hoping my tests come back positive just so I will know what is wrong with me and feel a little normal. If it comes back negative I will have to work extra hard at figuring out what makes me sick and what doesn't. It is hard for me to tell what really hurts me because almost everything does from fruit to soups to candy and even eggs. Everything causes discomfort. I have tried a food journal which helped a little but no matter what I eat I ALWAYS have very excessive very uncomfortable gas. Again thank you all so much for you input and I will keep you posted on my test results or if I have any questions before I have them done. Oh, well here is a question. Do I need to go to a gastroenterologist for thest tests, who exactly is the best person to contact? I have a family doctor and that is it. Do I call him and ask who he recomends? I have had a Barium Enema before (NOT plesant - this is where I was diagnosed IBS) and this was performed by the gastroenterolgosit. Would they have been able to tell if I am Celiac by the Barium Enema? What a god awful experience! If you don't know what it is, which I am sure you do, I had to take a series of laxitives, which after reading about the colonoscopies and endoscopies many of you are familar with. The Barium Enema, however, there is no sedating. I am wide awake and after a full day and night of painful diarrhea and being very sore down there, they stick a balloon up my butt and inflate it. THen they shoot barium into my intestines and look at an xray of my intestines. I got to see it, pretty neat looking, but VERY uncomfortbale and I would perfer to pull all my teeth out than go through that again. Anyway, could they have been able to see at that point if I am Celiac? Thanks again for your input! I really appreciate it!
  7. Hi everyone. I am very new to this message board and I have read through a few threads but I am still at a lost if my symptoms are pointing toward Celiac Disease or IBS. I don't know if it is IBS though because I am not always constipated or always dealing with diarhea. So, basically I am just going list my symptoms and hopefully someone can give me a little advice! I really appreciate it! Okay, so, here are my daily symptoms: Constant excessive gas - MOST PROBLEMATIC SYMPTOM very embarassing and really hurts my social life. Almost constant stomach pain right after I eat, usually painful bloating, nausea, some times my intestines seem to swell. Not sure if that is what is going on there. Constipation until I eat something that really disagrees with me and I have very painful diarrhea. This is embarassing... My hair is thinning, I am always getting sore throats with swollon lymph nodes. I sometimes have a hard time consentrating - mostly as of late. Headaches. I have a constant head ache under my right eye brow especially when touched ( I am sure that means nothing to celiac disease). For most of my life I have been thin and as of late I am gaining weight. Can celiac disease develop into more of a problem? I have always been Types of foods that really hurt me Ice Cream, yogurt, thick cheesie pastas, almost all pasta but thinner sauces are better, a lot of cheese, a lot of bread, over eating anything is always very miserable. Basically everything hurts me, mostly gas. There is not an hour that goes by without embarassing, excessive gas. I would rule that I am lactose intolerant but I can eat cereal with milk and butter on anything- which to me makes no sense. My family all has stomach problems, but no one has been to the doctor for it. Basically I am always in a state of discomfort. Do any of these symptoms sound like Celiac Disease? Should I get tested anyway? Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it.
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