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  1. Thanks very much for your reply, I am a little concerned with the fast food stalls ( MacDonalds) since they surely use the same additive in their friers ? Are they safe for my son ? I am looking fwd very much to Disney I ave heard so many great things, fries would make my sons day.
  2. Hi all, New to the message board and am looking for some help/ info on orlando. I am visiting with my 4 year old celiac son and will be staying in Davenport close to Disney. I have read lots of the other postings which give some great info, I am particularly interested in eating out with my son who has a passion for fries ! I understand the risks with MD and BK but are there any safe fast food outlets ? What are the latest thoughts on Denny's ? The fries are listed as wheat free has anybody got any experiances good or bad ? What about supermarket shopping ? I did hear that Publix is better than Walmart is this true ? What is the food labelling like in the US is it accurate ? I am leaving for my vacation on Friday morning from the UK so any info before then would be great.
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