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  1. Thanks for the newest replies. I need to vent, again. I'm up in the middle of the night, again. I woke up and could almost smell & taste all the Thanksgiving smells, including the ones I can't eat. Last night I made chicken and asked my partner to save a piece for Thursday. He said something about H did offer to put a turkey breast in the crockpot, she plans on stuffing a big turkey. He said we had a turkey breast in the crockpot once and it was delicious. I said I couldn't remember if that was before gluten-free and I would want to look the ingredients on a turkey breast to be sure it was safe now. Also, he asked "wouldn't it be weird not eating turkey like everyone else?" Duh! He gets the more obvious stuff, but he admits he doesn't know alot about ingredients. Last year at Christmas I didn't make the make the candy that I have usually made for the potluck. Several days before when I was making something else he said something about won't people be expecting the other candy or maybe someone had mentioned looking forward to it. I emotionally said I can't eat whatever ingredient and it's my favorite candy and I can't make myself make it. He just didn't know that ingredient was in there. This year I've been working on finding a gluten-free substitute or making the ingredient myself before making the candy. Thanks for letting me vent. Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep in a few days. I've got some other issues to deal with in the next few weeks, too.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I felt better after making the post and reading the responses. I finally told my partner I was not comfortable receiving the invitation. I tend to avoid tough situations until forced to do something. I have trouble standing up for myself and making myself clear. I sent H one of my lists of ingredients to look for on food labels to avoid and one of my lists of some name brand foods that are safe. I also made a note that there are concerns about cross-contamination with utensils, pots & pans, the kitchen counter, etc. H is a blood relative of my partner (we've been together 10 years) H, my partner and I had a discussion about Thanksgiving. H seems to be trying hard to accommodate for me. I suggested I could stop and visit after dinner was served. I tried to explain I have to do what's right for myself and my health and sometime in the future I hope to be more comfortable with a similar invitation. I'm sure I said I've taken food I could eat to potlucks in case there isn't food I'm comfortable about eating. My partner plans on going with or without me, I pretty much knew that without being told, and I'm fine with that decision. I'm not trying to be difficult, it's a difficult situation and I feel there is no course of action that everyone involved will be happy with. A lot of my food decisions change from hour to hour, if I would dwell on them I'd probably never go anywhere. Since my diagnosis this is the first organized sit-down dinner invitation I've had to make a decision about. What I do wouldn't have any affect on the hostess or food preparer(s). I just want Thanksgiving to be over with.
  3. ......you need a bigger fanny pack for all the new forbidden & safe lists you find to print to carry with you
  4. I've been reading posts for over a year, but this is my first posting. Some time ago I was invited to a sit down Thanksgiving dinner at a private home. I did not need to make an immediate reply, which was good, because my first thought was "how do I get out of this?" I only recall years ago, before I knew I had celiac, eating take-out once at this person's house. I'll call her H. I've only had informal short visits before and since. Thanksgiving dinner at H's is one of those things that is expected, not that I want to attend. I was recently informed by someone else that H should contact me soon regarding what I can and cannot eat. From reading the posts I see that preparation, utensils, etc also play a role, not just the food. I decided it was time to convey my stress when I jumped the other day when the phone rang and I thought "that could be H, what do I say?" In the last few weeks I had an experience with H at a restaurant and now I'm even more stressed about Thanksgiving. She did something that upset me so much I didn't know how to respond at the time. I wanted to throw my food that she messed with ontop of her head and storm out the door. I kept quiet and didn't make a scene and I haven't seen her since and I don't know what I'll say when I do. Most of the social events I attend that involve food are bring your own dish to pass. I'll bring a dish I can eat, and some extra food just in case. It's kind of weird but when there's 20 or more people spread around several tables, nobody seems to much notice what I'm doing. We just visit and have a good time. Thanksgiving will be around a dining room table with a few couples. I had planned on bringing some food I could eat and just see what happens. Now I don't know if I want to eat any food H prepares. Also, in the last few months I was at a restaurant I don't usually eat at with 12 or so people and and employee talked at some length with me and two other people who have dietary concerns. I was confident what I ordered would be fine. The next morning I was going to find a way to contact the restaurant and thank them for the time the employee took. Shortly there after I made my first of several visits to the bathroom that day. I had not been that sick for some time before that and haven't since. Thanks for letting me sound off. Any advice or input would be appreciated.
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