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  1. $50 would be more than enough. In addition to the Gluten-Free menu, you may ask the manager if they will prepare something else to your liking gluten-free. The PF Changs in Scottsdale, AZ will prepare gluten-free upon request. Enjoy! CH
  2. The Old Spaghetti Company downtown Phoenix has gluten-free pasta. Their mushroom sauce and mizithra sauces are gluten-free. Unsure of their other sauces. Pizza Picazzos in Scottsdale is gluten-free friendly. Great menu. The fresh pizzas are better than the lunch special. The lunch special has a salad of choice and the flavor of the week pizza. The slice may not have been fresh that day or I came too late for a fresh out of the oven piece. Red Robin (Mayo Blvd Scottsdale and Happy Valley and I-17) managers have been very helpful. They wrap the burgers in lettuce "protein style". Their french fries are bottomless and have a dedicated fryer. Unsure about their seasonings. Chilis - (Paradise Valley Mall) brought out the cook's Gluten-Free Menu. Also, contacted their corporate office was advised to check the following website monthly as things can change :www.brinker.com/gr/allergens/chilis%20allergen.pdf On The Border (Desert Ridge) Same company as Chilis and given this website: www.brinker.com/gr/allergens/otb%20allergen.pdf Macaroni Grill (Desert Ridge) Same company as above and given this website: www.brinker.com/gr/allergens/mac%20allergen.pdf TGIFridays - Called their corporate office in TX. They do not have a Gluten-free menu but are very interested. They have received numerous calls and are looking into it. Applebees - Called their corporate office and they do not publish a gluten-free menu but the gentleman on the phone was willing to give me the information about their menu items if I gave him the menu item I was interested in. The potato skins are supposedly gluten-free (baked) I had them with cheese and bacon bits and omitted the sour cream. I'm not sure of the bacon bits as I felt glutenized after eating this appetizer. Outback Steakhouse (Mayo and Scottsdale Rd). They have been awesome! The Alice Springs Chicken with baked potato is great. Rancho Manana (Tonto Bar & Grill) Cave Creek, AZ. Not a lot of choices of gluten-free, but the wait staff has been trained and are knowledgeable. If they don't know, they will ask the chef. Abuelos (Scottsdale Rd and Mayo Blvd) have a gluten-free menu too! Haven't eaten there yet. Anxious to read other postings for national chain restaurants. Hope this info will help you.
  3. Viking River Cruises (Berlin-Prague) had wonderful gluten-free food. Our travel agent advised Viking River Cruises in advance of my nutritional needs. The chef was able to turn most all dishes to gluten-free. In the morning, I would place my order off the daily menu choices. If I didn't want what was going to be served, chicken and steak were always available. Whether it was soup or sauces, I didn't have to worry. If we were on a city trip and we were on our own for lunch/dinner off the ship, I took my gluten-free awareness cards from this site (German and Czech) and was accommodated. A few times it took a few restaurants before we found one that had a "clue" as to what gluten-free meant. All in all.....a wonderful experience.
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