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  1. Ghirardelli FAQ I just want to let you know the classic white chips may contain gluten. However, according to this list the white chocolate baking bar is ok.
  2. I haven't actually been tested for nickel allergy but I can only wear 14 kt gold earrings. Not being able to have the metal from my jeans and belt on my skin leads me to think it's nickel. I guess it could be another kind of metal. Don't know for sure......but I am staying away from it. I may try a pair of nickel free earrings.
  3. I am continuing to be careful..........just not biting anyones head off. The picture was taken in our front yard a few winters ago!
  4. I had a blistering, oozing rash on my abdomen for five months which I thought for sure was DH. I changed all my skin care and make-up, stopped eating out and became EXTREMELY careful with my food at home.(drove my family nuts) Just recently I read someone's thread about having a nickel allergy. I stopped wearing jeans and my belt and it healed completely. Thank God it's not DH! Thank you (don't remember who posted it) for posting the info!!!
  5. I need gluten-free white chocolate for a recipe. Can someone post the brands that are gluten-free? Thanks!!!
  6. Anything with soy and lactose can cause the same intestinal symptoms as gluten does for me. I have dh and hairloss along with intestinal symptoms when I eat gluten. Sometimes the dh will flare up and I worry that I accidently ate gluten but I think it's more likely the iodine. I do believe you can be as gluten free as possible. You have to be very careful about what goes in your mouth especially your fingers!!
  7. Well.........I do feel better knowing I am not alone. I am going to go back on the Biotin again. I took it for awhile when I first started the gluten free diet. Not sure if it helped or the diet took care of it but I'll give it try. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Does anyone else experience hairloss after being exposed to gluten? Everytime I accidently eat gluten a month later my hair starts falling out.(thinning noticably) No bald spots but it gets very thin!
  9. Thanks! I'll look for them at Whole Foods Market or Trader Joes.
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