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  1. oh no i been keeping our maple syrup in the pantry? I have just bought some gluten free waffles to have for breakfast on Monday (my 2nd wedding anniversary) & was planning to use pure maple syrup. I guess I will buy a new bottle. Very excited, first waffles in 5 years!
  2. kristi i have been looking for Gluten Free worcestershire sauce since I was diagnosed - 5 years ago! does Lea and Parrin's say that it is Gluten Free & where can you buy it?
  3. I found this site recently which has lots of gluten free recipes. I tried the meatballs the other day & they were really good. No breadcrumbs were required & I had no problem with the meatballs sticking together. http://www.gluten-free-living.net/recipes/...r_meatballs.php I think I will try some of the other recipes this week
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