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  1. Have you tried adding some brown rice flour and other whole grain flours to the mix? It's a good idea to have protein with the bread too, it will help balance out the rate of digestion so it doesn't all hit the bloodstream at once.
  2. Hi Jerry, My husband also has low vitamin D and we suspect it is the cause of his osteoporosis. Your brother may need to have his bone density checked too. My dh is also taking the large doses of Vit D. Malabsorption of fat adds to it with low cholesterol. It requires a certain cholesterol compound in the skin for the body to make Vit D from sunshine, and apparently dh has such low cholesterol he isn't making it from the sunshine. Low Vit D can have lots of unpleasant symptoms. I have the tooth issues too. We've both been gluten/casein free for a little over two years as well.
  3. Hi, I am gluten, casein, and soy free as well. The only margarine I can use is Fleischmann's Light, in the tub. Although the package says contains soy, I spoke with the company. It s made on the same lines as their other margarines which all contain soy. They clean the line in between, but cannot guarantee that there isn't a trace of soy cross contamination. That is what I was told. I react pretty fast to soy, and I use this all the time. It is good as a spread or on baked potatoes, but not really suitable for frying or baking. When I bake and need butter I use the Spectrum Palm Oil Shortening with a little McCormick imitation butter flavor.
  4. Thank you very much! I did find a dermatologist listed on the Phoenixceliac.com website in Scottsdale, and am passing that info along to the mom. Thanks so much!
  5. Hello everyone. I've been a member since 2004, just not very active. I need help for the child of a friend. This little boy is 5 years old, and has terrible exzema. The mother says he showed an allergy to wheat from a scratch test when he was three. Doctors told her not to take him off wheat. He's been on steroids to suppress the rash. He just came off the steroids and now has a blistery rash that I think might be dermatitis heptiformis. I would like to give her the name of a dermatologist familiar with that in Phoenix, if possible. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.
  6. I wanted to share what sometimes helps me with the pain under the ribcage. I also had my gallbladder out several years ago, it was not working, no stones but report after surgery said chronic inflammation and infection. When I have that pain, or indigestion even, I eat about 1/2-3/4 cup of organic UNsweetened applesauce. There is something about the malic acid in apples and applesauce that helps loosen up the bile. While it doesn't completely clear it up every time it almost always reduces the pain to at least a bearable level. Hope this will help you and others with this problem.
  7. My husband was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis at the age of 45. He had elevated parathyroid hormone as well. The reason we found out was that he broke his ankle just walking on the sidewalk in front of our house. No trip, fall, stumble, nothing. We knew there hadn't been enough trauma to break a normal bone, but it took several months to convince the doctor to order a bone scan. We had to offer to pay for it ourselves before she took us seriously and ordered it. When the results came in she was absolutely stunned. He had given up wheat in general before this happened because it didn't agree with him, so any tests from endocrinologists would not have picked up celiac. After 5 years of searching for the answer, we finally found out his vitamin D was low recently (he had started eating wheat again) and we started reading about celiac. Enterolab results confirm moderate malabsorption and gluten intolerance. After being put on high doses of prescription Vit D his parathyroid hormone came back to normal as well. His blood test still came back negative for celiac. We are now both gluten/casein free.
  8. Hi, Tapioca does that to me, makes my mouth burn for a long time. It is in many gluten free mixes. I hope you find the answer, it's no fun having that sensation.
  9. Hi, While it may be strictly from a reaction to gluten, you might give some thought to watching him while he is asleep. Does he snore? Does his sweat have a smoky sour smell? Are his covers all pulled out and does he move alot in his sleep? These could be signs of sleep apnea, and it does occur in children. If you notice him not breathing for more than about 30 seconds and then gasping you might want to consider a sleep study. I have sleep apnea, and was diagnosed with it before discovering the gluten intolerance. My sweats cleared up with the use of a cpap machine whenever I sleep. It still may just be the gluten, but if you see those symptoms you might want to have it checked out.
  10. Hi Liza Jay, I am new to the forum so am not as knowledgeable as many here. But I think it would be wise to let the doctor rule out anything else with the ultrasound and perhaps a biopsy. One thing I thought I would mention...you say you have been recently glutened and are losing weight. I was recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and casein (dairy) sensitivity by enterolab, and the nurse told me that the casein sensitivity often goes along with the gluten sensitivity. So if your doctor doesn't find a cause, you might want to consider a casein test from enterolab. It can cause similar symptoms and damage to gluten if you are sensistive is my understanding. Since your bloodwork shows the gluten numbers have dropped way down, maybe it is a reaction to casein or something else?
  11. Wow mouse, sounds like it was in the nick of time for you. I am glad that you got the diagnosis in time. It must have been very scary. I can see why you didn't hesitiate. I hope you are feeling alot better now. At the moment my husband is seeing a doctor at an osteoporosis clinic...the name starts with a V but I can't remember the whole thing. She is the one who finally found he was low in Vit D. She ordered a ttg test but the blood test came out negative and she didn't want to do a celiac panel. She said since the blood test was negative he didn't have it. Luckily, I already suspected that the malabsorption of D was related to celiac and had found this board by then. We ordered the enterolab tests before even getting the blood result. My husband had gone off of wheat for about 5 years before he broke his ankle and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Apparently the first endocrinologist did test him for celiac but since he hadn't been eating any wheat or other gluten grains it came back negative (found a copy of his lab work). So for the past 5 1/2 years the doctors couldn't figure out the cause of the osteoporosis. His parathyroid hormone was elevated the entire time, but his blood calcium level was normal. After we moved to this house he wanted to go on a raw food diet, and he began eating whole grain bread....so when this doctor tested his vitamin D it finally showed up below normal. She gave him a massive dose of Vit D to take for six weeks, and said that if he didn't absorb it she would test him for celiac. Turned out he did absorb the vit D and the ttg was neg. I knew the wheat had made the difference since he'd been eating it again for over a year by this point. So that's how I began researching celiac and found this board, and learned about enterolab. Now we have the results, and we know celiac is the reason.
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome and the great advice. I know we have to do it, and we have already gone through the pantry. It's just that I hadn't expected the results I got.... My husband has always had trouble with wheat, and we basically did the enterolab expecting him to have a celiac gene. I had the test on myself too just to see. I've had chronic fatigue for many years, and some discomfort in the digestions department, but I didn't think I was celiac. It turns out we both have two celiac genes (he has 2 copies of DQ2, I have one DQ2 and one DQ8, plus we both have antibodies to gluten and casein). I was going to go gluten free at home and maybe have something once in a while outside the home...I wasn't expecting my results to be so serious. It's the dairy on top of the rest that is really throwing me for a loop. I just wanted to have a few days to have a few favorites one last time as this is a permanent change...I think I would be less angry and less apt to cheat later if I have that time. I just wondered if you guys thought it better to do that or go his route and dive in immediately. I forgot to mention that he has malabsorptiuon (I found this board when he turned up low in Vit D as they were trying to figure out his osteoporosis), but I do not have malabsorption yet according to enterolab test.
  13. Hello, I am new to the forum and would like to say Hello! I have been reading the forum for a few weeks, and learned so much already! Now hubby and I are going to go gluten/casein free after getting our Enterolab results on Wednesday. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed...he wants to start already...I haven't quite adjusted yet. Anyone have any advice on how quickly to make this change?
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