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  1. Hi, the reference range for the selenium is in the parenthesis normal being 55-134!and his selenium is 142 H ! The tTG AB IgA test has a <1 ! , the exclamation is whats confusing me. the test was done by quest but i cant find anything in regrds to why selenium would be high. Do u have any idea why selenium is tested with a celiac test? I'm kind of freaking out because we are on well water from the ground and what if his level is high because he is being poisoned? Besides celiac disease, I also have systemic lupus and Antiphospholipid disease and I don't feel well and have weird symptoms all the time. Maybe I have too much selenium also? He is having a lactalose test next month and I'm not sure if there are more test being run that just haven't come in yet. I pray that he doesn't need more blood drawn. It's so scarey for him and extremely difficult. Thanks for the info and I am going to check out wthe link u posted.
  2. Hi all, If anyone could help me figure out if my little boys blood test results for celiac disease are positive I would be so grateful. I actually have celiac disease myself and was diagnosed 15 years ago thru a different blood test and then biopsy. My son has been having all sorts of health issues since he was basically 9 mos old. Delayed in every milestone, chronic diarrhea, constant infections/viruses , failure to thrive , a tic disorder, and major behavioral problems similar to ADHD and anxiety which the ADHD meds don't help but rather exacerbate his tics and make his stomach sick. We saw a gastro at children's hospital a couple weeks ago and he did several blood tests. He said he could tell me already that he is lactose intolerant and wants to do some breath test which we have to set the appointment for. But, I got copies of his be results yesterday when picking up sterile containers for stool samples and can't figure out if this test is positive or negative! It's driving me crazy. Im usually really good at blood results. I didn't know this was a celiac disease test because the first thing it showed was his SELENIUM is HIGH. Then I googled the actual test which is the tTg ab iga and saw it was for celiac. Here is how it reads and I'm confused by the exclamation point on both of the results. Does anyone know what this is saying? Thanks so much for any help. (TTG) Ab IgA. < 1 ! Selenium 142 H ! (55-134) Mcg/L
  3. Hi all, I am having my sons blood drawn tomorrow. Im not looking forward to it as it took 4 people to hold him down the last time he had blood drawn. It breaks my HEART. At least we will know if he has celiac though. Thanks for the replies. I may be back for some suggestions if his test comes back +. Kindest regards, Melissa
  4. Thanks for some fo the quick responses/advice. It took years of me being sick like a dog with stomach & intestinal problems before I was diagnised. Sadly..... I was the one who finally found a doctor who didn't think I was a HYPOCHONDRIAC and tested me for celia which I had previously begged several doctors to do. I also have an auto-immune disease similar to Lupus. I guess I shouldn't rely on Dr.'s telling me boys don't generally inherit auto-immune diseases from their moms. Any other info is appreciated as well. My sons only real favorite foods are cheese and pasta. I have been giving him alot of it since it is high calorie/carbs. Melissa
  5. Hi all, Im wondering if anyone has had any of these problems in a toddler with celiac. I have celiac disease. My toddler is 27 months old. Since about 12 months old (and adding food to his diet at 6 mos., breastfeeding breastfeeding until 18 mos) my son has been dropping down the percentage scale for babies his age. He is now in the 3% for weight (weighs 22 lbs) as well as 6% in height. He is also delayed in his motor skills/cognitive skills and is going to have to start speech therapy. He shows no signs of autism. He has always seemed healthy but just small. He did not get any teeth until 13 months old and didn't start walking until almost 17 mos. He also has chronic loose & runny stools. He had been tested for vitamin deficiency which came back normal. His pediatrician said that he does not have celiac as if he did, he would have a lack of vitamins. I was also told that the diarrhea is from the 2 bottles of milk that he gets a day (which we do for extra calories). Does this sound like it could in fact be celiac disease??? Im starting to wonder if I should put him thru the traumatic experience again of having his blood drawn. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone else would let me know if they have had these sypmtoms in a baby/toddler with celiac disease. Thanks so much, Melissa, mommy to Ryan
  6. Hi, Thanks so much for the response. I have not been on antibiotics and did not have the bacteria. I asked the doctor what they were caused by and he said that he had no idea and shouldn't worry about it. Well, I guess maybe I should find another gastro dr. for a second opinion. Getting the report is a good idea. I did get the pictures and they do look like lesions. Maybe I should find a gastro dr. that is knowlegable about celiac disease. Kindest regards, Melissa
  7. Hi all, I am new to this list and would like ntroduce myself. I also have a question. My name is Melissa and Im 36. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 7 years ago after being sick for several years and misdiagnosed with Irritable bowel disorder. I am not trustworthy of doctors. I recently had a colonoscopy because I had a precancerous polyp removed several years ago. I went to a new doctor as I have moved to a different town. He found lesions in my intestines which he claimed were Pseudomembranous lesions. He claimed they were nothing to worry about. I do not have the bacteria that usually is found with these lesions and he said the celiac disease is not the cause of them. My question is.............Has anyone else ever had lesions in their intestines caused by celiac sprue? I must admit that I cheat often (which I know is not good) and am wondering if my gluten ingestion is causing these lesions. Please let me know if this sounds like a symptom of celiac disease because I cannot find anything on the internet about it. Thanks so much! Melissa
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