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  1. Thanks for the advice! Another crazy question, what about dye in food coloring and food. Can that also contain gluten? My nutritionist wasn't much help. Thanks!
  2. Well, they called me Friday to say I've been officially diagnosed with Celiac's via bloodwork and biopsy (my son was diagnosed in June). So now I have a few questions about make up. I use Este Lauder eye cream, cover up, blush and powder and revlon lipstick. Has anyone had any experience with these brands and finding out if they are gluten free? I also take lexapro and costco calcium supplements. The pharmacy wasn't really helpful on whether or not they were gluten free or not. I know a lot of you have a lot of experience in this and I would appreciate the help. I'm still in a bit of a shock. My main symptoms are sores in my mouth, tired and brain fog and minimal gastro symptoms. My son is very much symptomatic so I didn't think I would have it. Anyways, thanks for the help! This board has been very insightful!
  3. I'm a little anxious too for our first Thanksgiving. Is there a certain type of turkey to buy that is typically ok so I can give my sister a heads up? We are driving to Texas to be with her and she is in charge. My other question is marshmellows for the yams. I haven't had time to call the company yet. Does anyone know any brands that are ok?
  4. I know exactly how you feel. My 3 year old was diagnosed in May. I suspect my 21 month old has it but his blood was negative but I know under 2 might not show up yet. I just had my biopsy yesterday and they are fairly sure I have it to, they saw atrophy with just the endoscope and not even the biopsy reults yet. I feel bad for my kids and for myself. I haven't loved my 3 year old's food but he doesn't seem to mind and I feel guilty becaus I know the difference and I won't be as happy as he is with gluten-free food! It is a very emotional time. On one hand I feel lucky that this is the worst thing we have but I also mourn my love for teraki chicken and chicken nuggets from Chick fil a. Sorry to sound whiny, it is just a shock like you said. I have been full force for my son and reassuring him but I don't really believe it for myself! I just hope that I get better at the recipes and finding creative and yummy food. Just know you aren't alone!
  5. I don't know how things work with your state. I'm in education and we have kids who go on home hospital or home school where teachers actually come into the house and provide the work. They only require a doctor's note stating there are medical concerns and not necessarily a "firm" diagnosis. So he can be getting the education why they are trying to figure out his difficulties. I just thought I would menton it to you and I wish the best for you!
  6. My 3 year old son was diagnosed in May. After the whole family was screened my bloodwork came back positive. My son's symptoms were very severe but no damage was noted with the endoscopy, just in the biopsy. My symptoms are minimal, I had trouble with constipation as a child, and thought I might have IBS in college. I have had 3 children, no difficulties with fertility. Lately, I have pretty bad headaches a couple of times a week and I'm really tired (which I have attributed to 3 kids under 6). I might have D if I go out to eat but only like 2-3 times a month. So they did the biopsy and she was fairly certain I have Celiac's. She said she could see ridges in my dyodum (Sp?) We are just waiting for the biopsy results. Has anyone seen damage with the endoscopy and it not be positive? I guess I'm just shocked, my son's symptoms were so severe and mine are not. Anyways, just interested in other's biopsy findings.
  7. My Ryan (that's a popular name) was 10 lbs and 5 oz at birth. He was always at the 100th percentile for weight until 2 and he dropped to the 75th percentile which wasn't a big concern. He started with diarrhea 5-6 times a day at 2. We waited for like 6 weeks, had all the blood work (except celiac's) and all was normal. The gastro dr. didn't think he fit the profile because he was so big. He had huge circles under his eyes and was very pale. He just looked sick all the time. He had really bad asthma and started to be very sullen and wouldn't eat much of anything. We kept commenting on how he never ate dinner. They tried a high fat diet with benefiber to bulk up his poop for "toddler diarrhea" which never worked. Then he started with constipation and/or diarrhea. Finally a year later I was at my wits end. He was very ADHD acting and still had same symptoms and I could not potty train him. We saw a PA this time and she did he bloodwork, which was positve and he had a positive biopsy in May. In the meantime my bloodwork was positive and I have the biopsy on Wed. So he has gained 4 pounds in 3 months and is doing much better. We still have the constipation, think he is withholding so he is on miralax and about 80% potty trained. He will be 4 next month. I can tell when he gets glutened because he gets red rimmed eyes and really off the wall! He is definitely a happy boy again! So I wouldn't trust the he's too big story. We wasted a whole year. Trust your instincts. Good luck!
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