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  1. So sorry to read about your family member's tragic event and the sadness this brings. To respond to your question, I recently had an appointment with a registered dietician for the purpose of discussing gluten and meal replacements. She ensured me that the branded products like ENSURE and BOOST are indeed gluten-free. These liquids, I would think, are appropriate for a nasal-gastric tube feeding albeit I have not done it myself. Reading the ingredients with your critical eye (not a hospital person) would be the best. I know hospitals also use Carnation Instant Breakfast but know nothing about their contents or taste. Since I noticed your from Canada you may need to do things differently with products? or are all products the same in origin? Good luck, I went through the same thing with my father many years ago, it is a family tragedy all the way around.
  2. Hi! I'm from Grand Rapids. Have you been to the Piece of Cake bakery for many products and would this be worth the drive on Tuesdays?
  3. The website for the Piece of Cake bakery in East Lansing Michigan lists regular cookies at $20.00 per batch which is about 2 dozen. The quite beautiful holiday cookies were the very costly ones shown on the website. Their list of items seems quite extensive and rather reasonable to me. The bread is $17.00 for 4 loaves which is less costly than buying Pamela's mix which at my grocery is about $4.99 per bag/loaf. I'm interested in trying their pie shells, etc as they ship and are even willing to do dairy-free or other special requests. We need to support bakeries like these as they seem to support our dietary needs. (And we should try to quote prices accurately)
  4. You asked about symptoms? For over threee years (including two hospitalizations of one week each) I had truly disabling diarrhea and horrible fatigue. I gave up a very solid career of over 18 years due to this illness.
  5. Thanks for your advice about Dr. Peter Green's book. I bought it last month and passed it along to another Celiac friend. I was gluten-free for about 4-6 weeks before the biopsy. Is that short length of time sufficient to produce a false negative? My GI guy thought that I would still show villious damage due to the fact I was symptomatic for over 3 years. (He is an idiot as well, didn't do a colonsocopy- said I'd have to be gluten-free for that biopsy?). Thanks.
  6. I'm new to this gluten-free diet and am experiencing severe hot temperature swings (surprising since I live in cold Michigan). What is the etiology of this? At a recent celiac disease support group meeting, one person mentioned this was a huge issue for her and had nothing to do with 'female issues'. What is the best thing to do about it as this is so embarrasing in public? Could I be getting gluten unknowingly?
  7. I was told in late October of 2006 that I have Celiac Disease. This was by a colo-rectal specialist saying this based on my 3 year history of symptoms and 2 hospitalizations (and low vitamin D). It was recommended at that point to go gluten-free which I did. Two weeks later his nurse called to say my blood work was "positive" and that at some point I should get a confirming EGD w/ biopsy - he doesn't do those type biopsies; he is strictly lower GI. I got a referral to a local gastroenterologist who reviewed all my accompanying labs and performed the EGD w/ biopsy the first week of December. My biopsy was "normal" but my response to the gluten-free diet has been nothing short of miraculous. In follow up appointments to all the above physicians, one says I'm celiac disease and the other says not celiac disease. Other than my opinion that I should never go back to WBRO or any gluten containing product what should be my next step (especially for my 3 kids, one of which is symptomatic)? Additionally, I found out the "positive lab work" was really a suppressed IgA. Should this blood work be repeated? It was sent to Mayo Clinic. Thanks out there for any advice.
  8. AutumnE, I live in Grand Rapids, MI and wonderful if you feel she is worth the drive? I'm not sure of any of the allergists in my area. Thanks, Melissa
  9. According to the Kraft Foods website, Athenos brand blue cheese is on the gluten-free list. Hope this helps.
  10. Pauliina, Thanks for the newbie kit! I have spent the last week on this site learning so much. Is it common for celiacs to have low Vitamin D levels? I'm a chemist by training and had absolutely no idea how complex the diet issues are - especially for someone who loves to cook.
  11. I was just diagnosed last week with celiac disease. After 3 years of extensive invasive testing and 2 dreadful hospitalizations I found a newly trained colo-rectal physician who was willing to see me without a PCP (primary care physician) referral. In less than 5 minutes of listening to my history he said the blood work would provide additional documentation for celiac disease. The labs were positive. His nurse called me with the news and told me "to stay away from wheat, rye and barley" and that she would send me a packet of info which amounted to 5 pages of very basic general info. I need help with learning about safe products like vinegar, soy sauce, condiments, pickles for now. My goal is to severly limit my choices right now until better contol. Im grateful for this site. Thanks.
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