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  1. Ensure is gluten and lactose free. Am not sure if it is caesin free.
  2. Hi Georgie. Thanks. Just put in a request to join that group. Unfortunately looks like I won't get back to Australia this year. Usually go to QLD. Think MRI is cheaper over here anyway. Will just watch things for a few weeks and see what patterns are happening.... I presume this is not emergency!!! Dr. said something about not wanting to do MRI too often as it will "Fry your brain".... And then will go running to Dr. if anything changes further.... Gee, human body is interesting... particularly when it doesn't quite work right...
  3. I reckon the friend thing is just something to get used to. Like not being able to eat when all your friends are (my good friends are still in the process of learning what I can eat.... so last night after our team training, Janet whose house we meet at, proudly presented fried chicken - but it had been coated in flour) - so I just had soup and rice. No biggie and I don't make a deal out of it 'cause I don't want them to feel bad. (they will feel bad enough if I am running for their toilet! P:)) Then she asked what my choices were and is going to cook next week bearing in mind what I can eat. It is really a learning process for all of us. The thing I miss most is beer. But I have provided a bottle of gin/wine at my friend's place so that I can have my drink there too when they are drinking. But sure is better than having to run for the loo. For the close friends, they know what you have been through and will work with you... For the others... so what... doesn't matter. I will do what I need to be well... Be strong. This is about you / us. Not about those who are fortunate enough not to have to deal with this.
  4. Dr. did ask me if I get migraines. I don't. But recently have been getting base of skull headaches... Had final tests yesterday. All looks fine with the eyes themselves. Retina is fine. Drs. think that it is probably related to the pituitary problem (adenoma). They do not want to repeat MRI yet. I had done last in 2004. They say wait at least another year... so for now they say they have ruled out major "emergency" concerns and approach now is close observation. I need to see endocrinologist (in process of finding a new one) and have hormone testing again and also inform him/her of the situation to watch for - and am to go back to dr. immediately if anything changes suddenly or any new symptoms. I went and looked up pituitary tumors on the internet. Stupid me!!! Base of skull headaches is one of the symptoms. So now, although the visual tests were ok (these are also a major symptom, in case the adenoma starts compressing the optic nerve) I am even more paranoid. Didn't tell the Dr. about the headaches (they have been pretty infrequent so far - maybe once or twice a month - haven't been keeping track) - though yesterday's was bad, but figure that it might be hormone related as i also got my period yesterday. Well, will keep note of all symptoms now. If get more frequently will have to tell dr. Geez am a walking hypochondriac!!!!!! At least tummy is more reasonably behaved these days.... S S
  5. Oh yes! Excess burping (so antisocial ) was a major symptom for me, along with reflux and hyperacidity were MAJOR symptoms. Pretty much resolved since I've stopped eating gluten. Welcome. Congrats on wanting to get started. Actually not so hard once you get into it. Oh, yeah, 'naked" foods are the cheapest way to go.... Sally
  6. Hi All, Thanks to your encouragement I did go see Dr. today (specialist eye centre, very close to my office). After initial history, they passed me straight to the neuroopthamologist, who read me the riot act about making sure that I have close follow-up given my history and condition, and did I know that pituitary tumors can cause blindness, and that it is not reversible! Ok! I deserved that. I do know that and have just been trying to ignore it. Anyway, they did visual field mapping (fun test) and it is ok. The optic nerve looks fine. My corrected vision is 20/15. Whew! Which means that whatever is causing this, it is not damaging the visual field (ie there is no compression of the optic nerve). Dr. wants to see previous MRI and then he will recommend if he wants a repeat MRI or further testing (will deliver that to him in the next day or two). They will also do retinal checking in the next few days to make sure there is no retinal detachment. If all is clear, he has given me a list of things to watch out for, which would require immediate consultation, and else he would like to see me every year for monitoring. So am not yet quite relieved, but at least now I am doing something! Hopefully this is just something to watch and not panic over. Thanks everyone! Sally
  7. Hi, thanks all. Ok, I gotta get this checked. It is a bit scarey. I haven't told anyone (my friends) about this. Have just been hoping it would go away... Last MRI was about 4 years ago (I think). Dr. had me on bromocriptine for a while, but couldn't stand the side effects and stopped. That dr. has already migrated to the US. My new dr. was not following anything on that (though he checks prolactin levels from time to time - but they have been normal range all along, even with the galactorrea). Guess this is good time to find new endo dr. Elections here today. Will see opthamologist either tomorrow or Wednesday.... and then see where to from there.... Fingers crossed that this is just some anomaly and nothing serious. S
  8. Oh - and a few times after long bike ride (3-4 hr rides) recently it seems like half of my left visual field on the left eye is shaking (moving)... it stops after a while (maybe half an hour)...... geez.... that doesn't look good in writing!
  9. Hi, I've been getting flashing in one eye. Maybe once every couple of hours, and sometimes more frequently.... seems to be becoming more frequent. this is not the first time - but before it seemed to resolve by itself... Was checked before for retinal problems about a year ago and all was fine.... Am also worried that it could be due to a pituitary problem (already diagnosed with pituitary micro-adenoma) - but no change in galactorrhoea...... . guess I better get checked again..... Hope it's nothing... Hope I'm being paranoid over nothing - maybe it's just stress!!!! .... Anyone experience anything like this...
  10. Hi, You can do this! Yeah, things can look pretty black, but there will be a way through it... On the job front, have you thought about something other than a college degree.... I know that in technical areas like mechanic, electrician, plumber, builder there are now a huge wait to get people. These courses are also not so long... my cousin is a plumber he is in so much demand it is not funny - just an idea. Keep talking here! I admire you for facing everything. Sally
  11. Hi, I am not vegetarian, but would like to say somethiung about the low fat.... maybe you need to consider adding more fat to your diet (healthy fats)..... fat is not bad (except for the transfat, processed types)... in and of itself, is critical for healthy immune system and hormone production, and for satiety. Healthy fats are found in nuts, olives, avocados, coconut oil, etc. Try to check out the Weston A Price website. It has completely change how I look at fat. Sally
  12. Hi, Regardless of what the blood tests say (not all genes are discovered, so even if the tests are negative doesn't mean that gluten is not a problem), you don't need a drs orders to try out this diet or stick with it if it makes you feel better. And this is a healthy diet! Particularly if you stay with natural rather than processed foods... The family history could be due to celiac. Of course, if the tests are positive, then you have your answer and the good thing is that most problems can be prevented by sticking with the diet. Let us know how you go. Maybe some of your family members will also try out this diet. Sally
  13. Those PB cookies look soooo good. Will have to try them out. I am also eating a high fat diet (healthy fats - my cholesterol is low overall, including the good cholesterol, though i haven't tested for a while) - about 50- 60% of my calories usually come from fat. Rice is out as well, so I find my grain choices pretty limited. For fat: avocado, and coconut cream (this is loaded with fat) Here in Philippines they mash up the avocado and add sugar and milk (but I reckon coconut cream - see below would do) and have it as a sweet rather than as a salad vegetable. I haven't tried it, but I would think that coconut cream would make a wicked sorbet (do you have a home ice-cream maker)..... Also could make fruit icecream with coconut cream. My standard breakfast is eggs fried or scrambled in coconut oil and bananas. Sometimes have sardines instead, or as well.
  14. Exercise is what keeps me sane! Yes it does get hard some days, but overall is great. I do triathlon and train most days. I love it. Tips. Vary your exercise from time to time, it will keep you fresh and interested. Work out what you enjoy so that you look forward to going. Exercise should be enjoyable. The social aspects of a gym can also be nice. Eat before and after working out (particularly if you are low body weight). if you do this, you don't need to worry about cutting short your cardio sessions (major fat burning is not going to happen by adding an hour of aerobic workout a few times a week). Do the weight training. it will help with lots of things: strenght, energy, etc. S
  15. Thank goodness feeling a bit better today! Touch wood! Does anyone do ok with cocoa as an alternative for coffee? I can get pure dutch processed cocoa tablets here. They are really delicious with a bit of sugar added (even without milk). Thanks for all your input. lentils! That would work ok! And easy to precook and bring to the office... or for after training snack. Will try them. Bananas do help. They are my staple food these days. Sally
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