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  1. I'm normally a hungry person anyway, but after I've been hit, especially if it happens a couple of times in a short space of time, when most of the symptoms have gone I get really excessively hungry (I was up until 2am this morning eating because I couldn't sleep I was so hungry) I just feel like I can't fill up, whatever I eat I am never full or satisfied. Is this normal?
  2. Thanks, I think non pre-prepared food is the way to go, I just need to get organised and not expect to be able to grab something to eat in 2 minutes (like I used to as I ran out the door with a pb sandwich), I do have a kitchen so I just need to get my act together with cooking. I'll keep an eye open for the sales too, that's a really good idea, take advantage of everything I can get!
  3. I'm at uni and on a really tight budget, I'm legume intolerant as well as gluten-free so I can't make cheap meals with beans like I used to do (mum thinks that may have been the problem - I ate them aaall the time). Any tips on how to eat as cheaply as possible? Thanks
  4. Probably only a question for UK people as I don't know if you can get them in the US, but does anyone know if Galaxy minstrels chocolates are gluten free? Thanks
  5. Hi, As well as being gluten-free, I am also legume intollerant and can't eat beans/chickpeas etc, for anyone else in this position can you tolerate tofu? because it's made from soy beans. I know the only way to really find out is to try it... but anyone else's experience would be great because a reaction isn't that appealing! Thanks
  6. Does anyone have a (relatively) quick and easy recipe for gluten free gnocchi?
  7. I am legume intollerant too but I love my chilli, I make it with beef mince, tinned tomatoes, chilli powder, a bit of paprika and cayenne, then instead of the beans I add chopped mushroom and/or courgette and/or aubergine and/or pepper and almost always throw in a tin of sweetcorn, then I serve it over rice or a jacket potato. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now I'm hungry..............................
  8. I take packed lunches most days so it's mostly cold stuff I can take in a box: I have rice salad a lot, normally brown rice (cold-I cook extra the night before) with a tin of tuna or sardines, some cashew nuts and peas and sweetcorn. Or buckwheat with chopped up gluten-free sausage and peas. Quinoa cooked in veggie broth with cold salmon and a tomato (or some peas mixed in!). Or pasta salad, usually buckwheat pasta mixed with salad cream and tuna and cucumber/sweetcorn. When I'm eating in I have jacket potatoes a lot - there are hundreds of toppings you can put on them, tuna, cheese, coleslaw, leftover bolognese, corned beef, baked beans, chilli, bacon, sausage, cottage cheese, brie cheese, egg, prawns, avocado ratatouille, sardines or any combination of the above. I have leftovers sometimes (but often I eat my leftovers for dinner the next night - I'm only cooking for one).
  9. What do you normally snack on during the day? I have gluten free rolls which I have with peanut butter a lot because it's quick, but they're so expensive and I'm a poor student, I need to come up with some cheaper alternatives but that are still really quick. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. What personal care products might contain gluten? what ingredients should I look out for in shampoo etc?
  11. I've been having a lot of flare ups lately, and the only thing I can think to put it down to is cross contamination. I cook all my own meals so they are all gluten-free, but I live in a student house with five other people so the kitchen certainly isn't. Can gluten still be 'present' in eg saucepans or seives after they've been washed up? Do I need to have my own set of pans which no one else uses, or would it be ok to wash everything up before I use it to make sure it really is clean. I just seem to be suffering continously, I barely get over one bout before I'm hit again and it's really starting to get me down, I need to sort it out. Thanks
  12. I get hit immediately - almost before I've finished eating I know it wasn't good (at least I find it easy to identify what caused it). My stomach is dreadful the rest of the day - can barely eat anything until the next day just maybe some raw veg and a bit of meat in the evening if it happened in the morning. The next day I normally feel a lot better but constipation lasts and my stomach feels really tender (like I've been punched in the stomach) and delicate for the next few days/a week so I just go easy on it until it feels better again. I also get a really bad reaction to beans, but not all legumes - I can take peanuts and red split lentils fine, but kidney beans, chickpeas, blackeyed beans, baked beans etc etc are a big no no. Don't know why and it's very annoying cos I love them.
  13. Thanks, I don't feel I need the official 'label', I'm happy eating gluten-free knowing that I feel good - I get an immediate reaction (almost before I've finished eating a meal containing wheat) so that's enough incentive not to do it. Yes, my Grandfather goes gluten-free until he feels better then goes back on it, then off, then on... He's in his 80's though and loves his bread so I think he's not going to change. Do you find an 'official' diagnosis helps with anything like when you visit the drs? Katherine
  14. Hi, I don't really know if this is the right place to come but I really need some advice. For a few months I was having real problems with bloating and constipation, my Grandfather has an intermittent wheat/gluten problem so my Mum suggested I try going without wheat for a bit, I did and my symptoms cleared up very quickly, I have been wheat free (and gluten free except oats) for around 3 months. Now if I have only the tiniest scrap of wheat (like in a sauce or gravy) then my stomach goes insane. I went to the dr for something else yesterday and mentioned it to him, he said he would like me to get a blood test done for gluten intolerance but in order for it to show anything I would need to eat wheat for at least a week first. What benefits would a diagnosis give me? I don't really fancy a week with a terrible stomach, not being able to eat much and not sleeping properly, I know that eating wheat free I feel good so why do I need a professional diagnosis? I'm going to tell him I want to delay it anyway because I'm at uni at the moment and I can't go through that while I'm supposed to be going to lectures and working, if I do it it'll be when I'm at home and have support around me (and I don't have to do anything else). Do you think it is worth it? Thanks Katherine
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