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  1. I have made hummus many times using peanut butter instead of tahini. It tastes a little different, but good all the same. You could probably use any nut butter. You may need to thin it slightly with a little water since the peanut butter is thicker than tahini.
  2. The KIND bars I have had are clearly labeled "gluten free" on the front of the package - and they are delish! If you get the chance, give them another try.
  3. Please try a KIND bar from Australia. They are mostly nuts (almonds, peanuts, brazil nuts) with some dried fruit and dried fruit paste. Some have shredded coconut and there is one with chocolate and sesame seeds. They have a good protein content, are both dairy and gluten free, and have low GI values. The best part is they taste like a candy bar to me! I can get them at Whole Foods and Central Market, as well as some of the local HEB stores (I live in Austin, Texas).
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